world health day

World health day is around the corner. April 7 of each year marks the celebration of world health’s day. Since Covid-19 has not entirely wiped out from the world, things are still worse but are getting better slowly. Many people are facing different social and health issues. People lost their loved ones, their jobs, and their friends. What worse could’ve been happened to them? Let’s see what WHO has planned for this year’s world health day!

World Health Organization (WHO) anniversary

April 7 is celebrated for two reasons. One of the foremost reasons is the anniversary of WHO, which was established on April 7, 1948. The celebration has aimed to create awareness on a specific health theme every year.  

Theme of 2021

We all have suffered the pandemic. We couldn’t agree more that the last two years were the worst years of our lives. Everyone was traumatized by the destruction of the world by the deadly Covid-19 virus. Losing loved ones is not easy at all. Since, WHO takes care of all health issues around the world. It took them months to make vaccines. Yet another surprise from Covid-19, the third layer. However, the vaccines rolled out and things are slowly getting back to normal. Last year, WHO came up with a theme to encourage and appreciate the critical roles played by nurses and midwives during the pandemic. This year’s theme is ‘building a fairer and healthier world’.

Purpose of The Theme

This year WHO started the campaign with its theme named ‘build a fairer and healthier world’. There was a purpose behind this theme and the campaign. According to WHO, our world is not fair. Some people had great access to health sectors. Whereas, some people have experienced greater gender inequality. They had either no or less access to a healthy environment, food, and shelter. This leads to suffering, illness, and premature death. WHO stands forward to help those people. They will call leaders to make sure good health and working conditions. Meanwhile, they will urge the leaders to track inequities in health sectors. No doubt, Covid-19 had hit all counties hard. However, those countries had a harsh impact of a pandemic that was already vulnerable. WHO is showing efforts to ensure that everyone gets better health services equally.

Final Thoughts

World health day is near and WHO has already planned to call leaders to ensure equal health services. There should be no gender inequality this time. It is now that everyone pledges to be a better human being and help and support others who can’t afford health services. It’s time to stand with WHO to make the world a healthy and fair place.