The Gender Wage Gap: Bring a Fair Change

Even after several years of women’s service in nearly every field. Yet discrimination never fails to enter women’s path. Society never changes its male dominating perspective. People protest on the roads for equal rights on International Women’s Day. However, equality comes in every aspect of human rights. Women have a right to live free from violence, stigmas, and stereotypes of society. Women should be given equal wages. Still, inequality makes its path somehow. The gender wage gap is very evident. Women have a right to earn a fair living that can be possible only when women will be given equal rights.

What is a gender wage gap?

A gender wage gap is a difference in pay between women and men. Women always face gender discrimination. Women are generally paid less than men. For every dollar, a man makes, a woman makes 80 cents This is because of gender parity. Most of the workplaces have this policy that women will be paid less no matter how educated or skillful she is. However, men who are uneducated with no skills are paid well. The discrimination is very clear. Women are working in industries where the majority of men work. They have to face more difficulties to earn a living for themselves.

What’s the fair change?

Every woman should be appreciated for their work as men. It does not end with gender parity but also discrimination on color. White women are paid more than black women. The gender wage gap has never-ending negative consequences. From the past few years, there has been a little change in the gender wage gap. According to the recent stats, women make 18% less in their yearly earnings than men.

The change is slow and steady but not many people are acting on it. It is equal pay for equal work. Since women are working in almost every field now, they should be paid equally to men. No discrimination should be accepted regarding cast, color, religion, or gender. The fair change is that women should be provided equal rights. They should be given an equal and fair amount. This issue requires no modern solutions. Policies should be made in order to give equal rights to women.