Smart Dress Harassment: A Dress for Respect

We have heard many stories about harassment. Be it in the workplace, social circle, or anywhere in the clubs and streets. It goes on and never stops. People consider this issue as a norm. In fact, they think it is not an issue at all. However, it is a crime and a violation. Men have no right to touch women unwantedly. Every now and then, we hear stories and incidents of harassment. But what do we do for it or against it? We simply ‘ignore’. Moreover, the perfect excuse they give is that it was a mistake. It’s quite happening for years.

Recent Accusation of Harassment

Let’s talk about the recent news of harassment!

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has been accused of harassment. According to the news, he had harassed three women. One of them decided to take a stand for herself and came forward claiming that she has been harassed by Cuomo. President Biden said, Andrew Cuomo will have to resign if the allegations of sexual harassment are true. However, there are no such proofs right now against Cuomo. The governor came forward apologizing and saying that he hasn’t touch anybody in an inappropriate way. It reminds me of the campaign and a smart dress created by Ogilvy and Schweppes.

Schweppes and Ogilvy

In 2018, Ogilvy made a smart dress for a Schweppes campaign in Brazil. They launched a campaign and a video that showed how men harass women. They made a sparkling dress with touch sensors. The sensor detected the touch and sent data via Wi-Fi to a monitoring team. Three women wore that smart dress and were sent to the party streets of Brazil. They were harassed 157 times in three hours and fifty-seven minutes. Imagine how horrible it would be for them. The video was quite disturbing. They had proof that women were harassed.

This campaign was for men to tell them to be elegant and respectful. It proved a major point. JUST TRUST HER. Unfortunately, women are still being the victim of harassment till now. It’s high time to speak up for women’s rights and protection. They could live freely if men know their boundaries. There is a need of bringing these issues up and out in the open.

What has to be done?

Harassment is unwanted behavior that you find offensive. Every girl or a woman has encountered harassment. Harassment can be verbal/ written, physical, or visual. It is a violation. If women go out to have fun in clubs that doesn’t mean that men have the token to touch them. It’s not funny to approach women like this. There’s no restriction in approaching women. However, there are some limitations that men cross usually which is not cool. Moreover, you can approach women respectfully rather than humiliating them with unwanted touches.

What needs to be done is that men should not cross their limits. Moreover, if they do, they should be sued for their behavior. But are smart dresses the answer to this? Because Harassment claims need trust! Unfortunately, people have normalized this issue. Women and girls should speak up for themselves. They’ve always been violated and silenced. It’s high time to take a stand against these issues.


Women have suffered through various violations. They were remained silenced because society blames them not men. Society should come out of a delusional world and come to reality. The way Schweppes and Ogilvy bring things up in 2018 via a smart dress is an example. It gives women and girls motivation that people are with them and that society will stand with them. It is a real-time issue that needs to be solved.