International Womens Day: Stand Against the Odds

International Womens Day is on March 8th annually. This day is celebrated to encourage and empower women in every field. This day emphasizes the social, economic achievements of women. The pandemic has made the world realized the significance of women. Women are no less than men in every field of life. They have set their foot in male dominating fields. This day pays respect and honor to the women for their constant efforts in every field.

Here you’ll find out women’s challenges throughout the pandemic and more. Note that women are always champions in every field.

The Theme of IWD 2021

Every year, this day is celebrated with a theme. This year’s theme is ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’. There’s a trend on Twitter “choose to challenge”. A challenging world is an alert world. This theme is all about challenges brought by COVID-19. With challenges comes the change. Moreover, it’s all about the battle against the global pandemic. Women and girls fought against the pandemic and didn’t step back, no matter how worse the situation was.

How did women deal with COVID-19 challenges?

Women were no doubt at the forefront in the war against the pandemic. Female doctors, nurses, caretakers, scientists have worked hard during the pandemic. ‘Women in leadership’ is the theme of this year’s IWD. Women were leading in the pandemic. Being a mother and a doctor is difficult sometimes. COVID-19 pandemic was quite challenging for most female doctors. They were not allowed to go home and meet their children for days and even months.

People have realized how hard it is for women to manage the home and work together. Imagine how difficult it was for women to stay away from their children and family. As a matter of fact, women are strong to handle every situation that comes their way. No matter how broke they are from inside, they will never give up. They will always be loyal to their work. Dads and husbands realized the hectic lifestyle of women. Women can bear more hardships than men. It is true because they are emotionally strong. However, they have gone through the worse in the COVID-19.

Quote of the Day

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” –G.D. Anderson

Domestic Violence and COVID-19

The victims of IPV had a storm in their lives because of the COVID. As the pandemic was spreading, domestic violence was also at the peak. Women who are in a destructive relationship with their partners have faced more domestic violence in COVID-19. They have to be at home because of the lockdown and precautions. The women were stuck at home with their abusive partners. We can’t imagine the terror they had to go through because of their intimate partner violence(IPV). They were mentally and physically tortured by their abusive partner. This topic is note-less due to COVID. Women should be encouraged to report against their abusive partners as it a matter of life and death.

What has to be done?

Women have equal rights to participate, vote, and work just like men. There should be no discrimination on the basis of gender. Women have worked really hard during the COVID-19 situation. They have made incredible efforts to make sure that everybody is safe from the pandemic. Women only want this world to be free from stigmas, stereotypes, and violence. Women should be given equal opportunities. Moreover, to make this world a better place for women, there should be a woman in every field. It is a call for women’s right to decision-making in all areas of life. People should always encourage women regardless of the official day. Women have set up their bar high with their efforts during pandemics. It is the day to speak up for gender equality. However, women have been worked hard effortlessly for the progress of the state. Yet, they are not considered equal.

Be Thoughtful About it

International womens day comes every year. People just went out on roads and protest about equal rights and all. But, is that how you should celebrate women’s day? Well, it is good to speak out for equality. However, just rallying out for the rights of women is not enough. Little things can lead to happiness as well. This day is dedicated to women all around the globe. The first step should be taken from home, you can take out your girl, wife, sister for a lunch to make her feel better and special. Make sure to give her equal rights as you have had for yourself. Let her do what she wants. You’ll see her progressing every year. This day is about the positive changes for women.