Harry and Meghan Interview Drama

If you are living under the rock, then we should tell you! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just gave a tell-all interview to Oprah. On March 7th, the interview aired on CBS and has been causing a buzz. Moreover, the palace has been trying to put out fires. The Harry and Meghan Interview is the biggest fiasco in the royal family since the abdication of King Edward.

Credits: CBS News

Let us see what the fuss is about

Harry and Meghan Interview Revelations

There are a couple of things that the ex-royal couple seemed to clear and expose in their interview.

  1. Meghan Made Kate Cry

    Minutes after the royal wedding, the British Tabloids circulated the news that Meghan made Kate cry. The reason was not important, as long as the tears of the future Queen came about. Meghan denied these claims and said it was vice versa. However, it was over a non-issue-issue. Kate later owned up to it and sent her flowers and apologized.

  2. Relationship with the Queen

    Harry and Meghan were clear on their relationship with the Queen of England. They went out and said that HM, the Queen, and HRH Prince Philip have always shown them warmth and acceptance. Harry went on to claim that he has called his grandmother more times than he has ever talked to her. The couple wanted to make sure that their son, Archie, was connected to his family and does not face the repercussions of moving away from home.

  3. Refusal of Security for Archie

    When Meghan gave birth, she found out that her son will not be called a Prince. This was a little off-putting at the time too. She wanted security and just all other grandchildren, she wanted her son to have the title. However, the institution refused. Moreover, they refused any royal protocol or security to the baby. According to Meghan, she quickly realized that this was because Archie was a child of color.

  4. Racism

    Speaking of Racism, perhaps the biggest claim Meghan made was about the family being a racist. She mentioned how the members would ask her about the color of the child when she was pregnant. The statements affected Meghan’s mental health vastly.

  5. Mental Health

Meghan pointed out several occasions when her mental health started taking a toll. Being the strong and empowered woman she is, she knew that she needed help. However, she was told off saying that the image of the institution may be tarnished. No wonder, Harry had to take a step for his family.  

What now?

The interview is causing nothing but chaos in the British Monarchy. Here are a couple of things that followed the interview.

  1. Official Statement by the Palace

    Credits: independent.co.uk

    Buckingham Palace released a statement by the Queen soon after the interview. They claimed that the Queen does not want to air her family’s dirty laundry in the public. They claimed that matters will be taken seriously and discussed privately.

  2. Prince William Breaks his Silence

    Prince William very gracefully responded while passing by. He said that he planned to talk to his brother soon and the royal family is very much not racist. The sore spot there, William?

Bottom line!

There is no bottom line! Or there might be soon! Meghan and Harry probably have no plans to come back to their royal duties. They may or may not straighten it out. It may be a Diana thing all over again! Who knows?

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