Famous Brands That Use Text Marketing

Every brand has to stay on its edge of marketing to grow and maintain its customer base. Text marketing can help companies promote and market their brand and can send alerts and updates. Texts are instant and a direct way to interact with customers. It has an astonishing open rate of 98%. To that end, people usually read text within 3 to 5 minutes. Other marketing channels are not that instant and personal. However, with texting, you can give a personal touch to your texts. Moreover, it helps you strengthen your customer service. There’s more about mass texts and how brands use them for their growth. Let’s do the real talk now!

Brands That Nailed It with Text Marketing

The success of a business starts when it chooses the right medium of marketing. Every business starts with making loyal customers and reaching out. According to stats, the texts are efficient, easy, and direct. It offers several services that boost the business in just one go. Here’s how every business is doing that in their own way. Let’s have a look at some brands that are using the power of texts.

  1. Facebook

    Yes, you read it right, Facebook, the tech giant is also using text marketing. Its amazing benefit is that you can integrate other channels into it. It allows you to improve your sales and revenue by driving more customers. Facebook is trying to help small businesses by clever mass text marketing via texts on messenger as well. Facebook also uses it to improve the privacy of its users. Taking the example of two-factor-authentication via text. It protects the user’s account. When you sign in from a new device, it sends you a code via text to confirm your identity. 

  2. CNN

    The multinational news channel also uses text marketing. Besides marketing, there’s a lot that it offers. It allows you to send alerts and updates. Basically, CNN is using texts to spread updates and news to its target audience. But before that, people have to opt-in to their campaign via a keyword or a QR code to receive texts.

  3. Dominos

    Dominos uses mass texting for impeccable customer engagement. They send coupons and limited-time offers to entice more customers. Who doesn’t want texts from their favorite food place? People who crave food will definitely opt-in. Besides the keyword method, they use sign-up forms. Moreover, text marketing service providers like ExpertTexting help them create and add widgets. People can go to their website and can join by filling out that form. In this way, people can opt-in easily. Sending deals and coupons via a direct channel is perhaps a good idea for restaurants. Moreover, it also offers a zero-spam zone. No doubt, they know how to market in real-time.

    Photo Credits: Steve Ryan Photography / Domino’s

  4. American Eagle Outfitters

    American Eagle Outfitters is a popular clothing retail store all around the country. It uses text marketing for amazing customer service and much more. It sends exclusive sales and discounts to opt-in customers. Luring new customers is easy with texts as they are instant and direct. What’s more good service than a service that saves time. Therefore, they can send mass texts to target a large audience in just one go. Moreover, they can use a two-way-messaging that helps in taking feedbacks. Polls and surveys can do an even better job. A limited-time deal can result in impulse buying. It is how they do it. Easy and quick!

  5. Starbucks

    Starbucks, the famous coffee brand boosts its business with text marketing. Its text campaigns have always been successful. They don’t use it only for marketing but also for sending updates.   They use it to send order updates, SMS deals, and other alerts.  The instant and direct channel make them stand out. They also send promotional texts. Moreover, they run text campaigns almost every year. It increases their sales every year.


Brands that know the power of text marketing are making the most out of it. Whereas, businesses that are not familiar with it and haven’t tried it yet are missing out.