Best Text Marketing Services 2021

Business is all about marketing. There are several ways of marketing. Speaking of marketing, text marketing has set its bar high. Text marketing is rising every year now because of its high opening rates. It engages customers, increases brand awareness, and helps sell your brand smartly. Strategic marketing helps in your business growth. Text marketing services boost your business. It is an effective platform to market and promotes your brand. It is worth giving a shot.

Here are the top three best text marketing services in 2021 according to us.

  • ExpertTexting
  • Simple Texting
  • EZ Texting
  1. Expert Texting

    Credits: ExpertTexting

    Expert texting is a mass texting platform. It offers its services across the world to different businesses. Moreover, it has an SMS API feature that is convenient to use. It is a software interface that enables code to send SMS via SMS gateway. It also allows group messaging. That means you can send promotional texts to a group of people. Also, it provides you personalization. This feature helps you customize your text so you can add variables from the custom field. Additionally, you can get your own vanity code.

    ExpertTexting offers a two-way-messaging as well. Businesses can use this feature to send polls or surveys for customer feedback. Last but not least, all of its services are prepaid. Expert texting is relatively a low-cost texting platform than others.

  2. Simple Texting

    Credits: Simple Texting

    Simple texting allows you to send mass texts or bulk SMS campaigns. It is a text message marketing platform that offers affordable services. It allows business texting. Simple texting also has a two-way-messaging feature. Moreover, it offers automation as well. It also has an ‘away messages’ feature that responds to the text automatically when you are not around. This platform also provides you with templates to make things easier for you. It offers campaigns and inbox replies templates. You can also engage customers with rich media enabled by Simple Texting. However, it doesn’t offer prepaid plans.

  3. EZ Texting

    Credits: EzTexting

    EZ Texting is standing at the forefront of text marketing services. The services they provide are incredible yet expensive. Not all businesses can use their services due to their high cost. It allows businesses to send promotional texts with rich media. It also supports automation. With EZ Texting, you can enhance your customer service as you can send updates and alerts. It also has a personalization feature. You can grow your subscriber’s list as well with text to join keywords and their exclusive sign forums. Additionally, you can send mass texts to thousands of people at a time that’s the power of texting. You can create and send campaigns as well. Additionally, you can monitor the progress of your campaigns on the dashboard. EZ texting offers monthly and yearly plans that are quite expensive.


These were the top three best text marketing platforms. Text marketing offers several services. However, businesses need to choose text marketing services carefully. All sort of businesses is now more or less shifting to text marketing. Some might not afford the expense of the services. So they hunt for more than an inexpensive text marketing platform. That means a platform that provides affordable mass texting services. Texting has now become the trend of marketing. businesses can target thousands of people at a time. It is an easy, reliable, secure, effective, and affordable platform.