Apple Sued for $2 Million in Brazil

The Brazilian state of Sao Paulo isn’t happy with Apple at all. It says leaving the charger out of the iPhone 12 box was not a good idea. Apple sued for $2 million for not including a charger in the box. Apple somehow violated Brazilian law. Now, it’s bearing the repercussions. Read on to know the exact situation of Apple!

Apple fined $2 million

The consumer protection agency Procon-SP has fined Apple $2 million. The reason was that Apple is now no longer including power adapters in the iPhone boxes. The agency contacted Apple and asked them to explain why they are not including the chargers. Apple responded with some environmental theory. They said it will prevent carbon emission and earth mining. Apple said that users had spare chargers as well. However, these answers didn’t satisfy the agency at all. The agency questioned Apple that will it reduce the cost of the iPhone? Apple didn’t respond yet. The executive of the agency, Fernando Capez told Apple that it needed to respect the country’s law.

What does the fine cover?

Not just the missing chargers were the problem but also several other things. The fine also covers misleading water resistance claims. Apple is declining to repair iPhones that were damaged by water. The company also fails to help customers who were having problems with the new iPhone update. Moreover, for misleading advertising, selling a device without the charger, and unfair terms. The fine covers it all. However, it is less, the verge pointed out. It says that the company has generated revenue in billions in the first quarter of 2021.

What now?

Apple sued and fined $2 million for not including chargers in the upcoming iPhones. Apple has no other option than to reduce the cost of the iPhone to sell them in Brazil. However, the fine is very tiny that it won’t dent Apple’s finances. Let’s see where this will take Apple. Considerably, Apply has airtight laws and a legal department that does not let a dent on it,