Valetines Day 2021

Valentines day 2021 is around the corner and romance is in the air. In the 21st century, when things are materialistic you can do great gestures to make your valentine feel special. People exchange cards, gifts, chocolates with their special someone. The commercialization of the holiday puts a lot of pressure. Apart from this, when you know the person then you know what exactly to do to make them feel special.

Here are some ways you can make your valentine’s day perfect!

Leave sticky notes

Leaving sticky notes around the house for your partner is a great gesture. It reminds them how they are important in your life. Leave a “good morning” note in the bed. Moreover, stick notes on the refrigerator with heartwarming wishes.

Breakfast in bed

Little things can show your love and affection. Starting your valentine’s day by making breakfast for your significant other is one of those. Take your partner’s favorite breakfast in the bed when they wake up.

Long drive

A fun-loving person loves to go out on a drive with their partner. Get in the car with your partner but make sure your tank is full. Go where ever you want to go with your partner. It’s all about having a fun and adventurous ride with your partner and not the destination.

Cook and bake together

You usually have lunch and dinners in the restaurant. However, no restaurant can beat a home cooked meal made with love. This valentine, get in the kitchen and cook with your partner.

A home-cooked meal is way romantic than going on lunch in a super busy restaurant. Even if you don’t cook well, you can still cherish that moment together.

Beach walk

Happiness doesn’t come with money. With that being said, you can take your partner to the beach for a walk. Hold their hand and enjoy the sound of the waves. Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach with your partner. End the walk with a quiet sit down and let the nature serenade you.

Picnic in the park

Picnics are a way to escape your busy life and enjoy nature. Make your valentine’s day special by going on a picnic with your significant other. You can take homemade food along with you to the picnic spot.

The home-cooked meal will give it a personalized touch. You can share your thoughts with each other and can spend quality time together.

Movie set up

Usually, people watch movies on Netflix. However, you can make this valentine effortlessly special for your partner. Set up a projector, turn the lights off, and make popcorn. Watch a movie while cuddling and just be there in the moment!

Go Stargazing

Amaze your partner with another surprise on valentine’s day. You can set up a camp in your backyard with lots of pillows and blankets. Moreover, you can download the StarTracker app or similar to watch stars and constellations in real-time. Believe it or not, stargazing with your partner while holding their hand is the most wonderful feeling. Try it!

End your valentine’s day with a loving gesture

Spending the whole day with your partner, the feeling is inexpressible. It’s a new era, you can celebrate Valentines Day 2021 the way you want. You can go out with your partner or can stay in the house. Even a hug can make your significant other feel special. What counts here is what’s in the heart.