Texas Snowstorm

Texas – the second most populous state is coping with power cuts and water shortages. A severe winter storm hit Texas on Monday, February 15, 2021. Texas snowstorm recorded low temperature, ice, and snow that knocked out all the power plants in the state. Moreover, water pipelines froze. Millions of Texans were without electricity and water for days.

Source: CNN

Power Shuts Down because of Texas Snowstorm

This deadly winter storm strained all the power facilities in Texas. The state’s electric grid lost control and millions of people had no access to electricity. Lack of electricity caused a lack of heat as well. The blackout extended and lasted for days. Many people died because of the power cut in the state.

According to BBC News, there was no power and heat until Thursday. People were finding a safe and warm place for themselves. “I’m in Houston, Texas freezing to death,” one Twitter user, Chris Prince, wrote. “No power, no heat, no water. I have four young children. How is this happening right now?”, another tweet mentioned.

Power Restoration

On February 18, 2021, many Texans had their power restored. According to PowerOutage.us, around 350,000 houses and businesses still remained without power. This deadly storm brought fear and horror to the state. According to the CBS Houston affiliate KHOU, power will continue to restore in Texas. However, it depends on how stable the electric grid is. According to the ERCOT tweet, a few generating units tripped. Grids operators expect to come out of emergency conditions later today.

Source: Twitter

Water Restoration

The water pipelines burst out because of the deadly cold temperature. People had to survive without water. The San Antonia Water System announced to distribute water on Thursday. They are providing water at seven pump locations. Each resident will get five gallons of water. The water system advised residents to boil the water before use.

President Biden on Texas Snowstorm

President Biden tweeted on February 19, 2021, about the ongoing situation in Texas. He showed his concerns about the devastating situation of people in Texas. Moreover, President and Governor Greg Abbot discussesd the situation in Texas. He also declared urgent help for the affected people in Texas.  

Source: Twitter

What’s going on now?

The situation in Texas is not better. The Texas snowstorm left the state in a mess. People were and still are struggling to get water and food. Moreover, half the state still does not have power. ERCOT tweeted electric companies are still restoring outages in the field.