iOS 14.5 – the biggest operating system update of Apple till now! Curious about the new update? Keep reading on to know about it!

iOS 14 update released in September 2020 after the launch of the iPhone 12. The latest version of iOS 14.4 was out on January 26th,2021. However, iOS released its new updates every month since then.

iPhone 12

iOS 14.5 Public Beta Version

The beta version of iOS 14.5 has been released to the public for testing. Since it is not officially released, know that it may have bugs.

When is iOS 14.5 releasing?

There’s no release date given to the iOS users yet. However, since now iOS is updating every month. There’s a chance that it could arrive very soon, maybe at the end of February.

Whenever the latest version of iOS 14.5 releases, you’ll probably get a prompt telling you that iOS 14.5 is available and you can download it now.

New noteworthy features of iOS 14.5

  1. Use Face ID to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask

    This latest update of iOS 14.5 comes with an amazing new feature. This feature allows you to use face ID to unlock your iPhone even when you are wearing a mask. However, this feature works as long as your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone. The iPhone will be unlocked with the buzz on your wrist.

  2. Set the default music player

    The previous versions of iOS only let you choose your songs from Apple Music. However, this new feature will let you choose the default music player of your own choice. You can ask Siri to play music and it will list all the available music streaming services on your iPhone.

  3. App tracking transparency

    The new updates are more likely about strengthening privacy. This feature will let you know if some apps and websites are tracking your data and activity. With this latest iOS 14.5 update, you’ll be able to opt-out if you prefer. Moreover, Apple said, opting-out won’t affect your access to those apps.

  4. Siri updates for emergency

    Siri will be able to call 911, when you say “Hey, Siri! Call emergency”. It gives you three seconds before it takes the action.

  5. Fitness and workout with Airplay

    The iOS 14.5 will let Apple fitness plus users work out by streaming videos on Airplay compatible TVs and devices.

  6. Console and controller support

    The iOS 14.5 will give support to PS5 AND Xbox Series X. This will help the gamers to play the games on their iPhone and iPads.

  7. Alerts in Apple map

    According to the beta version of iOS 14.5, the potential users of Apple maps could report 3 things. The hazards, accidents, and speed check.


The final word The latest iOS 14.5 comes with amazing updates. Some features may not work in all regions or on all Apple’s devices. Moreover, lockdowns might affect the beta results. Anyhow, we are excited about the release!