Email Vs Text Marketing- Which is the best?

It gets really difficult for businesses to choose the right medium for marketing. As of now, it’s ’email vs text marketing’. However, it’s important to understand what’s the right communication channel. Email tends to be a long-form and low priority. However, with the increase of mobile phones, texting is on the rise these days.

Here are some pros and cons of email and text marketing.

Text Marketing

Text marketing is growing rapidly. One of the obvious reasons is its high opening rate that is 98%. Texts are delivered instantly. Moreover, it is a direct communication method. People use their phones constantly. They view texts instantly when they receive them.


  1. Fast and high-priority

    Sending a text is quick and easy. There is a high chance of reading the text and responding to texts. Moreover, Texting is a direct communication. The text just pops up on the front screen of the mobile phones. According to stats, people prefer texts over emails.

  2. Concise

    Text marketing allows you to send texts precisely and to the point. 160 characters count as one text. Text marketing sets a limit to your words. However, it’s actually really helpful. People will likely read a short text instead of long paragraphs. However, you can create long texts as well. Smartphones concatenate them into one.

  3. No internet needed

    One of the amazing features of texting is no internet needed to send a text. People who use social marketing may face internet problems. Problems like poor internet connection may be costly as well. However, texting doesn’t need internet. Your text will be sent within seconds and it just costs pennies.

  4. More personalized

    Texting is a more human and personal form of communication. Text marketing allows you to customize your text according to your business needs. You can send texts with your business or a brand name. It has a two-way communication system. Texting also welcomes humor, so you can also send emojis and can do surveys as well.


  1. Difficult to grow consented list

    It would be difficult to grow consented list. If you are starting with text marketing, you won’t have large audience. you have to make your list grow with strategies. Send out texts that are catchy and which gains customer engagement. However, it could be difficult to increase your list but not impossible.

Top three text marketing services


ExpertTexting is a platform that offers low-cost texting services. From making campaigns to sending group messages and more. It’s easy with ExpertTexting. It’s a platform that allows you to send mass texts. They offer to pay-as-you-go service.


SimpleTexting is also a leading web-based platform. It also offers a text marketing service. It offers the same features like personalization, automation, and mass texting. However, their services might be costly.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a cloud-based texting platform. Its features include bulk texting, MMS, text polls, and much more. Their service will help you control your text message marketing. However, they offer plans that could be monthly or yearly. Depending on the plan, their prices are high. It’s not affordable for some people.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a service for sending out lengthy content. This service is best for those businesses seeking a long-form communication channel. You can customize emails and can handle the email contact list. Emails are a good channel for sending out content to a large audience. It is easy to send newsletters as well.


  1. Long-form communication

    Email marketing is best for long-form communications. You can send out lengthy emails to your customers. It’s also proven from decades. Personalized marketing and delivering engaging content can be done with emails. However, it suffered from low engagement rates. People usually don’t read emails now. So there are fewer chances for a business to deliver its word out. Texts are likely to read than emails.

  2. Easy to get started

    Emails don’t need much of a team. A single person can handle email-marketing. You can jazz up your email campaigns with fancy email templates. It’s easier to get started with email marketing even for beginners.


  1. Open rates

    Emails have an open rate of 20% which is extremely low. It can be an effective marketing channel. However, it’s suffering because of its low engaging rates. People don’t read emails anymore.

  2. Spam

    Despite the factor that email is useful for long-form communication. It also has its cons that include spamming. Many users get junk emails. People get emails from persons they don’t know. They get emails without their consent.

  3. It’s formal

    Emails are by nature formal. You have to start writing emails properly in the right format. Emails are not meant for dialogue writing, it’s more of basic informative lengthy emails. However, it doesn’t give a personal touch.

Top three email marketing software

Here are three top email marketing software!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the fastest-growing email marketing software. It is easy and beginner-friendly software. It allows you to manage your email lists, contacts, email templates, and much more.


SendinBlue is a complete SMS and email marketing software. It has a brilliant email editor. It allows you to create beautiful and engaging emails. Beginners can also use it.


Drip is a powerful email marketing software especially for e-commerce and digital marketers. They offer various tools. It makes automation and personalization easy. It is used for email segmenting. You can do group listing as well.

Which is the best?

Email vs text marketing is tough competition though. However, every marketing service is used for communication. Businesses can go either for email marketing or text marketing. To conclude, text marketing is rising and people prefer texting over emails. As a matter of fact, texts have an opening rate of 98% whereas email has 20%. The results are pretty clear.