Carbon capture technology is to trap carbon emissions. It happens before carbon dioxide releases into the air. This carbon capture technology has been there for years.

The need for carbon capture technology

Why is there a need for carbon capturing technologies now? There is a phenomenon called global warming. This is due to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can cause severe health issues as well. Even though planting trees is a natural solution, it is not enough. It will be years before a tree can do the job. The CCS technology has been used by various commercial and industrial sectors. Now, there is a significant need for carbon capturing technology to combat global warming.

Three ways of trapping carbon dioxide

There is a need of trapping carbon dioxide now. Moreover, the CCS may be costly but it can remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The three ways are:

  • Post-combustion capture
    The carbon dioxide from a fuel gas generated after combusting natural gas or coal.
  • Pre-combustion capture
    It means to remove carbon dioxide from fossil fuels before combustion completes.
  • Oxy-fuel combustion capture
    It is a way to capture carbon dioxide from power plants with CCS. This process involves the burning of fuel with pure oxygen. This process will separate the carbon dioxide and hydrogen oxide.

What is Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage?

CCUS is a technology that can capture carbon dioxide. Moreover, it can make effective use of stored carbon dioxide. It is stored underground or in oceans. It is useable for enhancing oil recovery as well as for geologic formation. However, storing or carbon dioxide may have repercussions.


The carbon capture technology can do wonders for the environment. It is expensive. However, many activists like Elon Musk and Maverick tech’s CEO are making contributions. The CCS technology can almost wipe out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This will help to defeat global warming by up to 70%.