Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge – The Wireless We Did Not See Coming

On January 29th 2021, Xiaomi introduced its new wireless charger – the Mi Air Charge. Xiaomi broke the news on Twitter. As per the company, this wireless remote device can charge multiple devices at the same time.

The word ‘wireless’ says it all that there will be no cables and pads. Moreover, you can charge your phones while walking or even gaming. This new in-house wireless charging device is quite big – almost like a small table.

Let’s talk about how it does such wireless wonders!

On Twitter, Xiaomi also talked about how it charges devices wirelessly. It is a sort of transmitter. It is composed of 144 antennas that transmit wide-wave signals directly to the phone through beamforming.

The wireless air charge technology provides 5W to charge devices wirelessly. Not only smartphones, but they can charge multiple other chargeable devices. It can charge efficiently within the radius of a room. The company also claimed that there will be no effect on charging efficiency. However, it may have some cautions.

The official launch of the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is still not confirmed yet. Keeping in mind the features of this incredible device, the possibility is that it can be costly. This new wireless technology whipped up some excitement in the people. They are now eagerly waiting for this device’s availability in the market.

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