WhatsApp Status Sets the Record Straight

WhatsApp made a great comeback after its policy misconception. After tweets and articles, it is now on its status feature to update its users about new features and updates.

On January 27th, 2021, WhatsApp uploaded four images on its status platform. WhatsApp is now officially on its platform using the status feature. Moreover, it plans to update its users on the matter on the same channel.

Why did WhatsApp find the need to do this?

The question stands why did WhatsApp do this?

The misconception of the new WhatsApp policy is out there since the past few weeks. As a result, the confusion cost WhatsApp millions of its users. Now, WhatsApp is trying to clear the air. Seems like they are using the extended deadline pretty neatly.

The status feature ensures that the “users” definitely know what is going on. Additionally, it seems pretty smart of WhatsApp to find a way to use its feature for its gain.

Speaking of which, let us have a look at those images uploaded by WhatsApp last night and what they say!

In this set of statuses, WhatsApp focuses on its commitment to user privacy. The status said that the application can’t read or listen to any of your chat as it is end-to-end encrypted. Although, this isn’t something said by WhatsApp for the first time…

With the different steps WhatsApp is taking to clarify its privacy policy, it is clear that the global misconception was a bigger hit on them than we thought.


It is clear as day that the misconception led WhatsApp to miseries. The consequences were real, millions of its users headed to Telegram and Signal. Now, WhatsApp is trying to gain back the trust of its users.