WWhat Rich People Do for Fun
What Rich People Do for Fun

If you watch movies with rich people in them, you probably see them relaxing with drinks on a quiet beach, taking a private jet to exotic island or lounging on the deck of a yacht. In reality however, things are quite different. According to various studies, individuals with an annual income of $150,000 or more and a net worth in millions spend time doing recreational activities that are not so different from the rest of us.

The difference lies in how they do their activities and where. We have a book or coin collection, they collect wine. We have a club membership; they own the club. We travel in economy; they manage in first class if they don’t have their own private plane. The following are five activities wealthy people are really into these days;

1. Rich People Like to Ski

Rich People Like to Ski

Skiing is one of the most popular recreational activities associated with being wealthy. According to Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals by Thomas Corley, nearly one-third of wealthy people love to ski and 15% of them own a vacation home by a ski resort.

2. Rich People Like to Golf

Rich People Like to Golf

Golf is the most popular sport associated with wealthy people with 51% of people who play it on a regular basis. If you watch movies like The Longest Yard, The Founder, Happy Gilmore, Bad Golf Made Easier and so many other golf movies, you’d see wealthy people playing golf. In fact, golf has become a business sport to kill two birds with one stone. Nearly 40% of business owners or executives meet over a game of golf.

3. Rich People Love Water

Rich People Love Water

In the last 50 years, water activities have become a common activity for rich people. In 2020, the number of boat owners among the wealthy grew from 38% to 40%. Boats are used typically for weekends with friends, family or business associates. 70% of boat owners go jet skiing, swimming, fishing, sailing and tubing in the ocean or lake. And among all boat owners, 21% own modern yachts.

4. Rich People Play Tennis Regularly

Rich People Play Tennis Regularly

Tennis is the go-to sports for wealthy people that like to maintain fitness. 40% of rich people play tennis weekly and are part of different competitive leagues. More than half are members of private clubs along with their buddies or business partners while the rest are members that go to their local public tennis clubs.

5. Rich People Like to Collect Things

Rich People Like to Collect Things

Rich people like their possessions and it’s more than just having multiple properties, fancier clothes, luxury cars and gadgets. According to studies, 38% of wealthy people are collectors of different items depending on their interest. Some like art so they collect paintings by famous artists. Others like to own classic cars and boats. Many people also collect aged wine and store them in a custom cellar designed to be showcased for guests and parties.