Pandemic movies
Pandemic movies

Movies about global viruses, diseases and plagues previously came under horror or fantasy category. In 2020, these movies are hitting a lot closer to home these days. Thankfully, there has been an alien-borne pathogen or zombie invasion (yet!). However, COVID-19 is making these perceive these pandemic movies differently than we did previously. We watched some standouts including Contagion, which is as close as it gets to the real deal and our conclusion? We need a new home planet, a time machine or the infinity stones to fix this. Or, you know, a vaccine should work as well even though Trump threatening to pull out of WHO is not making things any easier.

Let us take a look at some fictional pandemics found in movies and how the compare to the real world;

1. MEV-1, Contagion


Contagion is probably the most realistic of the pandemic movie sub-genre. It has become THE movie of the year, spurring more than its share of think-pieces and musings. At first, the movie reflected the worst case scenario in which there was a dangerous widespread disease and Gwyneth Paltrow dying. If you watch it now, you will find it pretty competent with governments and organizations such as the WHO and CDC working tirelessly to find a vaccine that saves mankind. Who would have thought that after 7 years since its release, it is in 2020 that it will make the headlines?

2. Solanum Virus, World War Z

World War Z Brad Pitt

There are hundreds of zombie apocalypse movies, but most of them do not have hellish scenarios with a zombie virus pandemic. World War Z is a great example and it stars Brad Pitt as the lead. The popular actor plays a former UN investigator searches for a cure while wandering in a zombie-filled, disease-laden landscape in search of a cure. So, with everything that is going on, it’s a good movie to lay back and chill to with quarantine munchies.

3. Motaba, Outbreak

outbreak warner bros2

Motaba starts out following the spread of an Ebola-like virus. Eventually, it turns into a search for one monkey who is actually the virus’ original host. While the WHO is determined that COVID-19 originated in bats, thankfully no one is going out and hunting bats.

4. Krippin Virus, I Am Legend

I am legend

I am Legend was one of the coolest movies in 2007. Will Smith walking through a deserted Manhattan and talking to his German Shepard is something we can relate to while going grocery shopping during the lockdown. It is not exactly a pandemic movie and not quite a zombie movie but life under quarantine and solitude.

5. Mad Zombie Disease, Zombieland

Zombieland: Double Tap

It didn’t even take zombies for humans to fall apart. Stocking up on essential items, overpricing and global panic became the new norms. Still, if there is one movie that would offer some levity, we recommend Zombieland featuring and unlikely Bromance between Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. A “Mad Zombie Disease” spreads across the United States, turning almost everyone into zombies and Purell is still available.