Marketing has become crucial for businesses looking to stand out from the competitors and attract new customers in the digital age of innovations and new technology. Most startups struggle at first in the early days of their business due to limited budget, trial and errors in strategies and fluctuations in the market. Small businesses have an advantage in the form of inbound marketing which they can execute to attract prospects towards them without spending heavily to do so. When businesses increase impressions and attention towards their website or social media channels, they can generate more leads that can converted into paid customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most cost-effective marketing channels for startups and small businesses on a low budget;

Trade Shows

Trade shows are events in which different companies from similar industries interact and showcase their products or services. The exhibitions have become an ideal way to keep up with business trends. They also provide opportunities to build relationships with peers, clients and suppliers along with meeting new people as well. For small businesses, trade shows can put a significant burden on the total budget which is where the internet comes in. Now, businesses can participate online through social media and website.


One of the smartest and interesting ways to bring in more customers to your business is to provide them with new, attractive and original content on a regular basis. For superior results, try to concentrate on intriguing, well-detailed, researched and SEO-rich blog entries along with infographics which provide information in a way that is more visually attractive to users. Blogging for your business one your own blog or website is one thing. Small business can also make guest posts on other websites which are popular among their clientele. The goal of this is to build your reputation among customers and peers while increasing your overall SEO rankings. Plus, even taking the time to comment on different blog entries and articles can make a difference.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is perhaps the best inbound marketing option available to small business owners. It is in fact the go-to option for most of them. Any start up would usually create a Facebook page, YouTube channel or Instagram account among others. This is because social media exposes business to millions of prospects at very little or not cost of advertising. With over 1.4 billion users on Facebook alone every month, small businesses have an abundance of opportunities to execute their business promotions, short-term sales, real-time marketing ads and event announcements as well.

Email Marketing

Traditional marketing channels like radio announcements, TV commercials and print media usually rely on a single message to reach their entire audience. Moreover, this audience may not even be theirs as these mediums are for a mass marketing and may not be segmented for your business. Plus, they are way more expensive and may not meet the needs and preferences of your target audience. Email marketing allows businesses to customize multiple unique and personalized messages based on client’s demographics and other relevant segmentation factors such as age, gender and even purchase history, etc. For small businesses, email marketing services is effective to reach their loyal customers with special discounts, coupons, new products and notifications as well.