Millennials are individuals that belong to an age group roughly between 18 and 35. These group of individuals have many different priorities in their leisure time as compared to other groups before and after their time. Many studies around the world including marketing campaigns by research companies highlight the millennials way of life and their activities. Obviously, millennials have a million possible things that they can do in their leisure time.

What Millennial Men and Women Want to Do in Their Spare Time

The main activities that men in this age group do are playing or listening to music, video games, watching TV, spending time with their families and friends. However, women’s priorities are a little different so the amount of time or interest they would invest in these activities vary from person to person. Plus, these are simply the common activities than many millennials have in common. For instance, nothing has changed when it comes to television. Generations are only consuming TV more and more each year even with the emergence of social media and communication.

Online Activities Done in The Free Time

No report or study can deny the amount of time millennials spend on the internet. It has increased in the last few decades which was expected even though most leisure activities are still related to the real world. When it comes to spending time online, social networking, streaming content and online shopping are the top priorities. Other activities include blogging, programming, and learning new things from the internet.

Other Facts of Interest

The main findings were mentioned above but we also have the following facts that should be of interest for anyone talking about millennials;

1. Around 30% of men love using the free time for fitness and stress relief by going to the gym, jogging or simply engage in some favorite indoor sports. Only about 19% of women have the same interest.

2. Millennials tend to want to spend time with friends especially on the weekends rather than being at home or going to a bar, a shopping center or a restaurant.

3. 81% of Millennials do go out to see a movie once in a while. Men do it more often than women though so it is no surprise to see that most movies are intended for a male audience.

4. Around 55% of the Millennials will go to a club but just 21% of those that do will enjoy this activity around one time per month.

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