The 4th of July is here and you can smell it in the ear. Barbeque, pie and fireworks all around the neighborhood bring joy to kids and adults of all ages. As we stroll around town in our red, white and blues, you can feel the emotions and pride of being an American. Plus, if you want to chill at home, thousands of restaurants are serving you fresh meals fit for the holiday so you can put on your favorite shows or movies like Independence Day.

For businesses, the 4th of July or any other holiday is the perfect time of the year to execute a creative and fun marketing campaign. Every year, this holiday sees a 47 percent revenue increase from email and SMS marketing so before your dig into that Apple Pie, focus on some on getting some sales with some of these 4th of July marketing tips;

1. Run a Social Media Contest

Social media marketing campaigns are incredibly captivating and engaging, which makes them suitable for shareable content. Businesses can invite their followers with 4th of July themed photos, ads and offers with a custom hashtag. Better yet, you should involve your brand and gain some momentum in advertising by asking your employees to brag about you or people to pose with your product or even share a 4th of July story about the service. Then you can simply pick a winner, share their photo, and award them with cool gifts in the form of freebies or discounts.

2. Add Some Punch to Your Mobile Marketing

Text messaging matters, especially for it being one of the most preferred channels of communication. Plus, it only gets bigger around the holiday. Businesses can capture more clicks by sending catchy text messages with links to customers. A well-timed message that attracts users shows that the company is not just selling what the have to offer to them. So, use this opportunity to spread the word about your exclusive deals, special events and holiday discount with some finesse and style.

3. Give Out Freebies

No one says no to a gift especially customers who regularly use your product or service. This shows that your business cares for its customers and gives back to them. People appreciate a business’s holiday spirit whether it be Halloween, Christmas or the 4th of July, especially when it comes in the form of freebies. If you’re a retail business, electronic shop, restaurant, hand out branded t-shirts, water bottles, and sunglasses. Ideally, you’ll get people walking around in your logo or simply returning to shop after the holiday weekend which is technically a form of guerilla marketing.

4. Curate a Collection

E-commerce sites can grab the party planner’s attention with an attractive collection of holiday must-have decors). This is an easy and effective strategy for retail sites that sell holiday merchandise, but other industries can get in on the act more creatively. They can simply put together a 4th of July favorites list which doesn’t need to have items or services you sell. For example, a real estate agency can highlight their favorite local spots to catch the fireworks, or a salon can do a roundup of waterproof ‘dos to get you through a long day on the lake. Though not clearly sales-driven, you’re planting the seed for pre-holiday social shares that can lead to post-holiday sales.