People go to college for a variety of reasons. Some are simply moving up the education ladder after high school in order to pursue a rewarding career by getting a professional degree. Some are simply going to college just because their parents expect them to while others want to pursue a better life in the future.

Whatever the reason, the college experience is different for everyone and you most likely leave a changed person and not just in terms of education. Even with the unique experiences, there are some experiences that most students will eventually have through out the year which will bring back nostalgic memories way in the future.

Most graduates will tell you that the best time of their lives was their journey through college. It is indeed a roller coaster ride. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you will experience during college.

1. Freshmen Year Friends Might Not Last Long

On the first day of your journey through college, you will definitely meet some new people which may be your classmates, room mates or even seniors. Eventually, you will interact with some of them to commence a friendship. Chances are that these people will only be temporary friends until you narrow down your social circle in the coming years.

2. The cafeteria will become your social hub

This is where students can be found if they are not in class. From famous cuisines to local questionable dishes, it is the unofficial social hub of college. Seniors, juniors, professors and staff can all be found having snacks, playing games, showing off their talents, occasionally fighting or simply having a conversation.

3. You will be broke at least once throughout your college journey

At one point in college, you are bound to be broke even its for a little while. This might be depressing but this is where your crowd comes in. Not to help you out necessarily but just doing their part by not rubbing their spending in your face and showing off making you feel bad about yourself.

4. You will get into a fight at least once

You are bound to get in at least one fight through out your college life. You can either deliver a beating or be at the receiving end but no matter what, there will be some bruises in the end. You will make new peers and mutual enemies. Great times!

5. You will develop feelings for someone you shouldn’t

Oh! This is where it gets fun. It may be your friend you hang out with, the prettiest girl in your class, a hot teacher and maybe even your friend’s girlfriend. There will be tears, heart break, break ups and lessons to be learned. Just don’t hurt your friends along the way.

6. You will sleep in class

Obviously, when you’re out partying or studying all night (mostly partying), you will eventually have to find some time to sleep. And there is no better place to nod off like a class. Besides, most of us who have had a decent night of sleep may also end up nodding off listening to a professor going on an on about a boring topic.

7. Teachers will hold a grudge

Whether its for sleeping in class, making trouble or simply being unlikeable (Yes, this is possible), teachers might hold a personal grudge against you. So, chances are you may have actually done well in your quiz or exam but the professor will devise a way to fail or grade you unfairly.

8. You will eventually end up with a trimmed down social circle

You can have the whole college know you, but down the line, your circle will simply get trimmed down. You may break up or fight with some people. Some may find other friends and drift off. In the end, your trimmed down crowd will become your family and statistics indicate that a group of 3 to 6 friends that make it through college together are bound to be friends for life.