Everybody loves to get out of the office and travel to new places for business or pleasure. Business travel has it own amazing perks which include going out of the office and seeing the world, corporate exploration for business expansion in new cities and have tons of fun while you’re out there exploring the culture, food, sights and music. Travelling breaks up the monotony of a dull week or month at work and it affords a rare opportunity to get to know a new city, meet new people, explore and even shop local items while making new connections and opportunities for your business.

However, not all cities are created equal when it comes to business travel. You have to factor in travel expenditure, industrial presence, references, opportunities and a short list of cities you can come with an excuse to visit as part of your next business trip.

If you do get the chance to get out, then here are some of the best business travel destinations you definitely need to visit;

1. Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany is Europe’s top aviation hub, and has grown to become the largest financial center in all of Europe. Today, almost all of the world’s top banks have bases in this city, including the European Central Bank. Frankfurt is also one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan cities with over 200 nationalities. Plus, nearly everyone speaks English so you will have no issues getting around.

2. Chicago

When it comes to business travel destinations, Chicago is definitely one to beat. The hub of the Midwest is home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, rock star tech industry, a well- established media industry and not to mention, home to the world-renowned deep-dish pizzerias. In between work and meeting, you can enjoy the vibrant night life, jazz, food and architecture as well. Plus, the windy city loves sports so you might want to catch the game live at a stadium or the closest pub you can find.

3. New York

New York is and always will be one of the world’s top travel destinations for business. The Big Apple is home to America’s most powerful media corporations, financial institutions and communication agencies. It is among the easiest places on the plant to meet and network with professionals which is why you may end up in New York for your business at least one time in your career or life. During this trip, you can stroll through Central Park, go to a Mets game, visit museums and enjoy some of the best food in the whole world.

4. London

London has always been one of the worlds most popular cities. So much so, that the British capital was the most popular travel destination in the world in 2016. London is Europe’s financial epicenter and offers businesses unrivaled access to some of the world’s top multinational professionals. Furthermore, it also offers some of the best travel experiences in the world with royal architecture, museums, cosmopolitan cuisines and an amazing night life.

5. Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing business destinations in the whole world. It is globally known as the business hub of the Middle East. The business in Dubai is largely evolving every day and is not just dependent on its oil and gas business with diversification into tourism, international trade, airlines, banking, infrastructure and Information Technology. Dubai has Global Marketing Avenue, a wide trade network, and a favorable tax environment.

6. Paris

There’s no place on earth quite like Paris. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit with quaint cobbled streets, ancient monuments and bustling markets which are second to none. From a business point of view, it has one of the world’s highest concentrations of corporations, including oil companies and banks. However, if you do visit Paris for work, be sure to leave a few days for leisure after all, it is a once in a life time destination for most people.

7. Singapore

Singapore is now Southeast Asia’s economic powerhouse. The city-state harbors the best business growth environment in the whole world, and is a major financial capital. It’s also home to a wide array of cutting-edge industries, flagship conferences and a cornucopia of contemporary, architectural wonders.

8. Istanbul

For many millenniums, Istanbul has served as the undisputed bridge connecting the east and west. Today, it is still one of the most well-renowned meeting destinations for geographically isolated corporations — making it one of the globe’s top travel destinations for business. In between meetings, you can wander through the city’s Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, before hitting some of Istanbul’s dynamic and forward-thinking restaurants. You should definitely visit Salt Bae’s original restaurant to have the meal of a lifetime.