The world is full of amazing mountain ranges, warm waters, unknown beauty and some of the oldest historical sights in the world. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to blow off some steam from work, looking for an adventure or on a business trip. The world is full of incredible places apart from the sponsored places you see online. Africa, Middle East and Asia are often the places left out with the exception of Bangkok or Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, get your passports out and set out for the adventure that awaits you. From temples to tombs, from The Dead Sea to lush mountain tops to the tallest structure in the world to the massive jungles in Africa; these destinations have something for everyone to enjoy.

The Nile, Egypt

Egypt might be a subject to political unrest but that does not stop tourists from exploring one of the 7 wonders of the world. From the un-crowded pyramids of Giza to the tourist empty Valley of The Kings; travelling along the Nile is a safe and plentiful option for travel right now. We do recommend sticking to cities such as Luxor and Aswan if you are going to travel alone without a guided tour. If you are going to see the Pyramids of Giza a cruise of the Nile with a guide is our best suggestion.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Africa is without a doubt the most exciting tourist destination in the world. One of the reasons is the wild life safari experience in which you can explore the Jungle along with all the magnificent beasts we see on national Geographic in person. Serengeti National park sprawls across 5,700 square miles of northern Tanzania in East Africa. Within the boundaries of the Serengeti, you’ll hear thousands of animals: Hyenas cackle as elephants trample well-worn safari roads and hippos splash in watering holes. And at any given time, more than 2,000 lions are poised to pounce on unsuspecting prey, preparing to chase their unlucky target through the seemingly endless waves of golden grass. The scenery rustles with the swift steps of loping giraffes, and tree branches shake with every monkey’s movement. But the most magical site you’ll behold is The Great Migration, during which White’s paradise is drowned by a sea of animals as more than one million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles traverse the Serengeti in search of greener pastures.


Home to more than two million visitors a year, Cyprus is known as a relatively safe place to travel; and therefore puts this island on the list. Couple those facts with the sizzling sun, spectacular coastlines and top quality mountain treks and you have your next vacation destination. We suggest going out of your “comfort zone” and exploring this island rather than sticking to the popular tourist towns such as Pafos and Agia Napa. The north coast boasts some of the best golden beaches around as well as ruins of medieval castles that will bring forth the fairytale daydream in all of us. A bathing suit, a pair of hiking boots and some sunscreen will go a long way in helping you explore this beautiful land.

Tulum, Mexico

Escape the last days of winter in Tulum, where you’ll find near-perfect temperatures—high 70’s and low 80s—all month long. The coastal Caribbean town has a number of chic properties that’ll suit just about any type of traveler: couples should head to Be Tulum, a romantic hideaway with suites nestled in the tropical jungle; design lovers will adore Casa Malca; and eco-conscious visitors should book a room at Azulik. The food scene in Tulum is arguably one of its greatest selling points, with standout restaurants like the always-buzzy Hartwood (reservations open a month in advance) and Posada Margherita (Italian food that’ll blow your mind—we promise.) Spend the afternoon at the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve or the Mayan Ruins, and then cap things off with a spicy mezcal cocktail at Gitano.

Dublin, Ireland

Head to Ireland’s capital for the ultimate bucket list experience in mid-March: St. Patrick’s Day. The city comes to life with a five-day festival that kicks off on Thursday, March 14. On Sunday, March 17, central Dublin’s Temple Bar neighborhood plays host to the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade—a decidedly raucous event complete with costumes, overflowing pints, and packed pubs. While you’re in town, pay homage to Irish tradition by visiting the Jameson Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse. For those who prefer a quieter trip, book a room at The K Club’s Straffan House, a 19th century chateau-style villa just 30 minutes outside the city.