It is safe to say that every new year brings forth new gear. Technological innovations our blowing our minds away with tech gadgets going beyond our thinking and comprehending capabilities. Tech that existed only in movies are coming to life and the most amazing thing is that most innovations we see today are found in our everyday gadgets and appliances. This makes you wonder exactly to what end can a certain product be upgraded. Are there no limits? The year has hardly begun and we are already on the verge of expecting the release of some top futuristic tech gadgets in 2019.

Let’s take a look at some of these tech gadgets;

1. Royole FlexPai folding smartphone

Tablet? Phone? Why not both? We did hear about Samsung’s folding phone to be released in the coming months but Royole FlexPai was one of the hot gadgets in Vegas. However, it was slow and will definitely have more issues such as the aspect ratio. The phone itself is gold in our hands and feels great. It has a 7.8-inch screen in tablet mode whereas the regular or folded mode has a square look to it which might make it wider than the comfort limit. It is a great innovation and it is definitely safe to say that this technology is still in its early days.

2. Bell Nexus Flying Car

If you remember “The Jetsons” or any sci-fi movie, you’d be thrilled to know that flying cars are a thing now. Sure, you cannot just buy one take it to the skies just like that but it is the beginning of a new era in transportation. The Bell Nexus Air Taxi is one of the standout innovations set to arrive this year. It is a full-scale drone like vehicle capable of fitting four passengers. The debut of this tech didn’t include a mock flight or anything as is scheduled for this back at the Bell headquarters in Texas. The Taxi can fly for 150 miles and weighs about 6500 pounds. If it’s not up for commercial use this year, we can definitely expect it to serve as an exclusive attraction.

3. Sony Glass Sound Speaker

This is one of the few devices which manage to be both beauty and brains. It is a standard wireless speaker which you can connect with using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is definitely something that sparks up the elegance at home. This is what happens when technology meets art.

4. Harley Davidson Livewire

An electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson. You definitely read it right. This seems like the most Tesla-ish thing to do and in 2019, we can already smell the fierce competition cooking up. Every man dreams of owning a Harley and with this incredible innovation by one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world, they can expect some enthusiasts at their door step. Alright, so let’s get technical. The LiveWire can travel up to 160 km on a single charge and it comes with H-D connect which is an advanced telematics system that provides the rider with accurate data such as charging and reminders. So get your checkbook out in August as this motorcycle won’t come cheap as it is expected to be priced at about $30,000.

5. LG’s Rollable OLED TV R

This is not a pretty carpet. It is the future of television and it rolls. LG’s latest concept is one that is making the headlines in 2019 with its latest flagship product, the 4k OLED TV R. This incredible TV features a display which is rollable enabling users to design their homes and living space with thousands of possibilities. Plus, if you’re simply looking to chill and listen to some music, the TV also packs a “Line Mode” in which the display drops down the screen to 25 percent allowing users to play music. This is also an incredible power saving option with a built-in 100-watt speaker and control. The pricing is yet to be revealed but we know for sure that it is not going to come cheap.