The Business Ideas of working from home is something that has intrigued the minds of millions of workers worldwide. How they would love to stay in bed, watch their favorite shows in pajamas and still get paid for it. Plus, having a secondary income in this day and age can do wonders for you and once your business grows, then this business is all you will need to focus on. Since, you’re at home, you do not need to worry about additional utilities, expenditure or transportation as these bills will be part of your monthly routine since you’re not renting out any space to work.

Let’s take look at the out top 10 home-based business ideas for different skillsets and professions;

1. Food Catering

Everyone needs food so your potential market is over 7 billion people. If you are a good cook and can cook on a large scale, you can easily start a catering business from your own kitchen. You can even organize a tasting in your neighborhood and get your marketing started. Your friends and neighbors can even expand your network to other areas so you should treat them with some snacks every now and then. There isn’t an estimate on how much you will make as this completely depends on the assignments you take and the cost of materials. This industry is one of the easiest industries to get yourself in. However, the competition is just as fierce. Start with basic items, then build up studying what your customers enjoy eating. Most of the time, people order take outs which are often unhealthy. Catering food can be a healthy replacement for take outs and your neighbors would definitely be more interesting in quality food they can trust.

2. App Designer

It seems like there is an App for everything these days. App designers require the lowest budget to get started. In most cases, all you will require is a good laptop and a high-quality internet. Today, creating an app with an innovative and profitable idea is great but this won’t matter unless the designer ensures that users have a great experience when using that app. Otherwise, making money off decent yet average apps would just be a part time source of income.

3. Blogging

Blogging has become a growing profession in the last decade. However, this profession is bit more complicated than others. This is because it takes some time depending on your input to first grow and audience and find ways to monetize it. Plus, you get the freedom to express yourself in words with stories, experiences, products, lifestyle and any other category you feel you can write on. The important thing to realize is that the income potential is absolutely limitless.

4. Green Consulting

With the emergence of environmental concerns and energy crises, energy or green consulting has become a very valuable business. Many smaller companies aim to find ways to reduce their expenditure before anything else even if they advertise it as going green. If you’re an energy, environmental engineer or in any related field specialist, you can perform walk through audits in smaller companies to reduce energy consumption as well as alternative solutions.

5. Copy Writing

Copy writing has now become as one of the most important and high paying jobs in the business world due to the rising trend of online businesses. Copy writers write promotional content for business including websites, ads, commercials, newsletters, mails, SEO articles and many others. Moreover, it is increasingly becoming a great freelance business. All you need is a decent laptop, internet and decent research and writing skills. A degree in marketing, business, English, media or even any technical fields like IT and engineering can add to your knowledge.

6. Interior Design

You might not require a certification or degree to become an interior designer but it is important to meet the requirements of the many clients. Work experience or education in design will help you understand trends that you may not like for your clients.

7. Personal Trainer

This is great for any fitness freak out there. People with experience regarding the ins and outs of exercise and nutrition can share this knowledge with clients at home or even at the gym. Plus, you get to keep in shape as well as get paid for helping others achieve their body goals.

8. Event Planning

If you know how to throw a great party or have experience in planning and organizing, then you can easily run an event planning business from your home. Wedding, birthday parties, festivals and even corporate events can be well managed. Plus, if you can add catering to it, then you can give clients a bundled package which displays convenience.

9. Electronic Repair

If you’re tech savvy and can take electronic appliances and computers apart, you can operate a repair shop from home. Plus, your neighbors and friends will find this incredibly convenient and less expensive as compared to authorized repair shops charging twice the value of repairs.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is now a worker most businesses and managers are aiming to get for their companies. This worker handles tasks such as emails, data entry, managing blogs, scheduling and reporting. Anyone can potentially become a virtual assistant and work from their home in this profession.