In 2019, we expect and increase in advertising expenditure on Instagram. In June, 2019 Instagram announced the milestone of reaching one billion users. That is one billion and more potential prospects for businesses and social media officers to target so you can understand the importance of this incredible platform.

The important thing to note is that it is not just the number of users that make this platform interesting for digital marketers. Facebook has over two times the number of users but the interaction of Instagram followers is undoubtedly higher. What this means is that comparatively speaking, brands can connect more early with new prospects and distribute their content faster on Instagram than they can on Facebook

With Instagram you get a high visual appeal (beauty, fashion, food, design, etc.) to help brands appeal to an everchanging young audience as long as they target and place their marketing content correctively.

Here are 5 Marketing trends that will make headlines on Instagram in 2019;

1. Instagram TV

In June 2018, Instagram announced a new app which allows users to create videos which can be up to 60 minutes long in contrast to the Instagram app. IGTV was incorporated onto the existing system so users are familiar with the interface. However, you still need the app to create these videos even though you can watch the videos on Instagram.

2. Small brands are in the Big Leagues Now

Social trends suggest that many small companies and brands have moved to digital marketing as their primary marketing strategy. Instagram triggers different audiences based on visual attraction and emotional influence that results to higher interaction rates as compared to other advertising channels. Plus, Instagram does not require businesses to have a large budget and with its accessibility, brands can and have become franchises in recent years. Just one picture or video has the potential to make the difference you hope to achieve as Instagram has the capability to turn boring products into gold on the internet.

3. Story Ads

Story telling is perhaps the unique selling proposition of Instagram. So much so that since its introduction in 2016, they have been focusing on making it better. Advertising arrived the individual stories and since users actively view their friends’ stories, Ads have been positioned in such a way that brands manage to blend them in with their friends’ news. However, it is important to know that the placement only works when the Ad is well made since stories are often fast forwarded with every chance of a user missing out. It seems a bit tricky at first but that’s what social media officers do for a living.

4. Video Ads

Recent studies suggest that by 2021, over 80 percent of all internet traffic will be generated by videos so you can expect a huge increase in video Ads in the coming years and onwards. You can see the trend already on Instagram even when YouTube is still the boss. Sports and broadcasting giants like ESPN, FIFA and NBA have increased their engagement rates using video Ads on Instagram.

5. Influencer Marketing and Referral Programs

Referral marketing has been around for a while with individuals or organizations collaborating with other business for mutual incentives. Influencer Marketing is also gaining hands with these influencers increasing your brand awareness to achieve a higher ROI. Many companies have begun to see the value of having brand ambassadors whom the give value upon promoting their brand. Even employees serve as brand ambassadors to their companies sharing Ads with their individual audiences.