In most parts of the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, January is often regarded as the coldest month of the year with winter of its high. So, if you’re looking for some sunshine, some new faces and an adventure to tell friends about, then get your passports out because we have some interesting places you’d love to visit.

We understand that the holidays probably haven’t been kind to us in terms of spending even with the unlimited amount of sales and discounts in the market. Our wallets do feel a bit lighter if not empty and the dead of winter leads us to desperately wanting a getaway. If the holidays weren’t kind to you, well, you’re in luck as January is one of the cheapest months to travel along with the cheapest rates in hotels. This means that statistically, this month to go on vacation but where to go?

The world is a huge place with over 200 possible countries and thousands of unique places to visit. However, most of these countries or places are often ignored as tourists often visit the most marketed or advertised locations they can find. I mean common, the world is bigger than Dubai, New York, London and etc. Here are 5 amazing places to travel to in January;

1. Shanghai, China

China is a big country with almost 1.4 billion people. One of the most popular places you can visit is Shanghai where January is not really hot nor cold. Plus, you get to visit one of the only modern cities with ancestral roots and traditions still given the utmost importance. Feel free to enjoy the food, the culture, buy some cheap gadgets as well as explore some historical places.

2. Phuket, Thailand

It always beach weather in Phuket so pack up your shorts and sun block. A relaxing Asian get away awaits you. Once you’re done relaxing during the day, you might wanna experience the electric night life in Bangkok. It is indeed a once in a life time experience.

3. Swat, Pakistan

If you want to learn about Pakistan, we suggest you learn from the wonderful experience of Eva Zu Beck, who visited every city and notable place in Pakistan. If you’re looking for a cheap winter getaway, Pakistan should be on your list. Plus, according to, Pakistan is currently among the 10 coolest places to visit in 2019.

4. Lake Malawi, Mozambique

Talk about unexplored beauty. When you hear Africa, you think Safari in Kenya or partying in Cape. TownThese places are just the tip of the iceberg.

5. Cancun, Mexico

If you’re tired of the cold and need a close place to get away, you might just wanna look across the border and visit Cancun, Mexico. Its like summer never left.