New Year

Rio de Janeiro

Without a shadow of a doubt, Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest party centers in the whole world.Last year, over 2.2 million people from all around the world travelled to the warm beaches of Rio to experience the longest and most exciting New Year’s celebration. This year will be no different and Brazilians know how to host a party like none other. Music,costumes, dance, and food are just the tip of the ice berg. The picture above indicates what Rio looks like from the sky on this night so you can only imagine the festivities and spirit of the people as they look to make noise so loud, you could hear them from Tokyo, Japan.


Singapore is by far the most technologically advanced country in the world so you can expect their new Year’s celebration to be one step ahead. You probably got a glimpse of the ecstatic night life in Crazy Rich Asians so imagine what it is like around New Year’s Eve. Every year there is a Marina Bay Singapore countdown which leads to new year fireworks display slighting up the night sky with exceptional activities all around the city for all ages. You can enjoy live performances and enjoy food from the only street food stalls to have Michelin stars. Electric party atmosphere, drinks all night long and music till sunrise. Is there a better holiday get away?

Las Vegas

Vegas is known for its parties all year round so you expect them to put on a breath taking show especially for exclusive events like New Year’s Eve. Every year the strip is closed to vehicles so pedestrians jam the streets to watch various Casinos and hotels launch a barrage of fireworks off their roofs. You could also watch the whole show from the top of the Stratosphere Tower. Be sure to book your hotel rooms way early as the prices shoot up during this time and the weather would also so be pleasant for those looking to get away from snow shoveling for a week.


Atlantis looks like Taj Mahal if it was built by Aliens with superior technology. Here, you can enjoy perhaps the longest party in the world. Sure, we only have 24 hours in a day, but with views and experiences you have there, time seems to stop so you can applaud the wonders of this gem of a place. Luxury buffet which serves everything from Lobster and Caviar to smoked Salmon and Shushi is only one of the thousands of things you can enjoy. Gala guest have a fantastic view of the Palm and fireworks in the Dubai Skyline to top the concerts and live performances that last till 3 am. Kids can also have a life time under the sea with cinemas, bouncy castles and arts and crafts to go with the enormous slide.It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Amsterdam is where the party is at in Europe and it doesn’t just stop there. You can find spectacular fire works but that not all what people come for. We all know Amsterdam is the hippie getaway especially around the holidays. So, with that said enjoy the music, the fire works and definitely enjoy the all night parties that never stop. On the plus side, there are Now in its 60th year, in which the New Year’s Dip attracts brave swimmers from all around to begin the new year with an icy dip in the North Sea at a range of coastal locations in the Netherlands. One of the biggest celebrations take place at Zandvoort aan Zee, just half an hour west of Amsterdam, where thousands of revelers gather to strip off and run into the water together. Even if you’re not brave enough to make a splash, you can enjoy the party atmosphere from dry land with a hot mug of pea soup.