National Dishes

Food is one of the most important features of any country or culture. There are unlimited numbers of food varieties around the world but a national dish is a food item which serves as part of that country’s identity. Millions of travellers visit places to explore different cultures every day. They experience new people and culture which includes music, dressing, language and most importantly, food.  In many countries, some dishes have gained national status even though it might not be official. This is usually due to the dish’s immense popularity or how commonly you can find it across that nation.

Some nations share similar culinary culture due to location, history or size as well. Sometimes, it gets difficult to pick one dish national dish due to the amalgamation of so many races, culture and ethnicities. The world is a global village indeed so here are our top dishes from eight selected countries worldwide. They are definitely worth experiencing to bring delight to your taste buds.

1. United States

The United States is the cultural hub of the west and known for its diversity. Their food culture has now expanded worldwide thanks to multinational franchises promoting their food dishes worldwide. You can find a burger on every possible street in the US. When it comes to deserts, you cannot beat the Apple Pie as it is traditional and an item for many top holidays. Americans love comfort food and Mac ‘n’ Cheese is their go to food while sitting at home watching the game with friends.

  • BurgerBurger
  • Apple PieApple Pie
  • Mac and CheeseMac and Cheese

2. Canada

Poutine is a Canadian innovation to French Fries introduced by local truck diners and slowly expanded as one of the most significant snacks in Canada. They are basically fries topped with gravy and cheese curd. To prevent sogginess, they put the grave on just before service.

  • PoutinePoutine

3. India and Pakistan

The Indian Subcontinent shares thousands of years of shared history and when it comes to food, they are quite similar. India is better known for its vegetarian dishes whereas Pakistan is the place for meat lovers. However, there are some dishes that both nations enjoy and are extremely popular. So much so, that they have become food identities of these countries. Biryani is one of the most amazing rice dishes in the world with tons of different variants to pick from though Sindhi and Hyderabadi are the most popular ones. We all love a great barbeque and nothing beats tandoori chicken which is now one of the most popular dishes worldwide.

  • BiryaniBiryani
  • Tandoori ChickenTandoori Chicken

4. Lebanon and Syria

The Middle East is the most popular food destinations for travellers and explorers. You can find the most mouth-watering snacks and main dishes to excite your taste-buds. Kibbeh is a round shaped bulgur fritter which they stuff with a variety of ground meat (beef, lamb, or camel) and cook with chopped onions, chilies, and spices. They commonly serve it with hummus and Lebanese bread. It is the national dish of these neighboring countries.

  • KibbehKibbeh

5. Saudi Arabia

Kabsa is the national dish of Saudi Arabia. Like Biryani, it is a meat and rise dish which varies from every household or city. The rice is made from a variety of spices and dry fruits and they top it with a big slab of meat of choice which they prepare in a unique way. They call it Mandi and they make it by grilling or roasting meat in a covered deep hole.

  • KabsaKabsa

6. England

Like the US, England is another cultural hub where you can find people of all background. Due to this, we experience a cultural blend which enables people to try and enjoy different foods. Some of these foods have now become part of the nation’s identity whereas some are the most popular go to snacks. Chicken Tikka Masala has now become a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way England embraces and adapts different cultures worldwide. Originally, it is an Indian dish with oven-roasted chicken chunks topped with spicy tomato and Tikka gravy served with rice or Indian naan. It is so popular that you can find recipes of it on BBC as well.  When it comes to British snacks, nothing tops Fish and Chips the same way nothing tops a burger or hot dog in the US.

  • Fish and ChipsFish and Chips
  • Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken Tikka Masala

7. Japan

There is no surprise here. Sushi tops the list as the most popular Japanese dishes worldwide and has become the national food identity of Japan.

  • SushiSushi

8. Nigeria and Ghana

We just could not leave Africa off this list. Nigeria and Ghana are among the top food destinations along with South Africa. Northern African cuisines are quite similar to Middle Eastern cuisine so we would like to talk about one dish that is regarded as the African rice dish to eat. It is basically a one pot rice dish made with a variety of spices topped with a meat of choice. It is readily available in many restaurants in Nigeria is slowly expanding to and trending in Europe and America. It is the national food dish of the country and Nigerians usually have it on all their events.

  • Jollof RiceJollof Rice