We have all done weird things in our lives but not many of us can say we got paid for it. Technological innovations and endless creativity today, enable individuals to think of the strangest ideas to make money. And you know what? These people are often more successful than our most common professionals which include lawyers, engineers, doctors and most white color professionals. Most of the time, these individuals have to do things most people won’t have the guts, will or professional training to execute. Hell, some people even use their bizarre hobbies or do things people would pay not having to do themselves. For example, Uber just introduced “Human Uber” and it is the latest weird job that would make your more money than most top professions.

Since it’s the latest weird job to emerge, we will talk about how it works followed by 10 other weird jobs you should know about;

Human Uber

Researchers have perfected a way for people to socialize with others or at different place from the comfort of their home. Now you can hire a person to wear a surrogate strap on an iPad made and perform your daily activities and tasks for you. Weird yet creative.

Human Ubar 2

We all remember Marshpillow 2.0 from how I met your mother and it is the perfect example of how Human Uber works. So it is basically FaceTime with a human surrogate doing your work for you. Maybe you have an important get together with your friends but you are posted to another city. You can hire Human Uber to go for you instead.

Now, let’s try to imagine working as a Human Uber, wearing a mask with an iPad attached to it, sitting quietly while the person who hires you carries the conversation. How does the person even see? Moreover, Uber made getting into cars with strangers normal but this just takes it to another level. We still don’t know how much money they’re gonna make but I’m definitely up to it especially if anyone wants me to go on a hot date for them AND GET PAID!

1. Professional Mourners

Professional Mourners

If the funeral you’re planning isn’t sad enough, you can juice it up a few extra tears from professional mourners. It is a very common profession in China and India, as well as some African and Middle Eastern countries. In the UK you can earn up to 45 pounds an hour if you work at a funeral service.

2. Ice Patrol

Ice Patrol

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the biggest tragedies to occur in modern history. After the incident the Ice Patrol was set up. The job involves tracking of Icebergs to provide safe routes around them for ships and you can earn over $50,000 a year.

3. Snake Milkers

Snake Milkers

Snake venom is as good as gold especially if you live in a country with abundance of snakes. It can sell for over $1000 per gram to produce anti-venom. A snake Milker can make over $2500 a month depending on the country.

4. Pet Food Taster

Pet Food Taster

Pet food companies hire human pet food tasters to test the quality of their products. Since, not everyone is up to it, they are paid highly. Sure, their taste buds are in for a challenge but with their paychecks they can wash it down with a vintage wine at a 4 star restaurant.

5. Personal Apologizer

Personal Apologizer

Sometimes it’s really hard to apologize to someone. If you’re in Japan, you can hire someone to do it for you. They can even send apology emails and meet people face to face.

6. Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Eventually, any hobby can make you money which can later become a profession. Remember Rachel from Friends? She did pretty ok as a buying assistant.

7. Teddy Bear Technician

Teddy Bear Technician

Ok, this one is my personal favorite. If you have a teddy bear that needs some fixing, you can hire someone for $15 an hour to fix it for you.

8. Golf Ball Diver

Golf Ball Diver

CNN International

Well, somebody has to do it and they would probably be earning more than any amateur golfer in the process. Golf ball recyclers and divers earn over $50,000 a year.

9. Crime Scene Cleaners

 Crime Scene Cleaners

Phoenix Extreme Cleaning Ireland

This is one of the boldest and difficult jobs one can do. It is no different than most cleaning jobs but the emotions and mental strength needs to fit the job description. This cleaning job can make you almost $40,000 a year.

10. Professional Line Standers

Professional Line Standers

We hate long queues but if you pay someone to stand in a line for you while you do your work, then it’s a job a lazy person like me was born to do. In the US, a professional line stander can make over $1000 a week.


So what do you do?