Halloween is just around the corner. Kids of all ages look to go trick or treating whereas adults host and go to different costume parties. However, there are those who just look to kick back and relax by ordering some take out and watch some great scary movies with friends or family. There are tons of movies to pick from for Halloween including the Halloween series itself. The current generation is accustomed to watching the latest movies and may have missed out on some classics or must watch of different times. Sure, they might not be some visually scary movies like the ones we watch today but there are some which can make grown-ass men jump out of their seats.

This Halloween, you can invite your friends to a killer meal from your favorite take-out restaurant, load them up with candy, close all the lights and watch some great movies. You can find tons of restaurants offering great deals on Halloween and since the kids are out, you can just get cozy and enjoy the silence of the lambs, sorry night!

The following are our top 10 picks for movies to watch this Halloween. We hope that for most it is a first time watch and for others, they bring back some great memories;

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

Puppets freak most people out. Dead Silence is one of the scariest movies you can watch. It is about a man who finds his wife dead in a gruesome manner. He discovers the legend of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist whose presence still looms over the town. As he desperately digs for answers, Jamie encounters the curse that took his wife’s life and threatens his own.

2. Scream Trilogy

Scream Trilogy

Scream and its sequels are among the greatest slasher-horror thrillers of the 90’s and the early 2000’s. It revolves around a masked serial killer murdering teenagers in the middle class suburbia. This movie is great for keeping you on your feet at all times with great scare sequences and suspense. Also, if you’re looking to add a little humor to Halloween, you should watch Scary Movie after you’re done with this trilogy.

3. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

The legend of the headless horseman made it to the big screen in the late 90’s with Johnny Depp starring as the lead.

4. Monster House

Monster House

Sure, it’s an animated movie but it’s still scary even for adults. The dark theme and visuals of the story make it thrilling and exciting which makes it a must watch for those who haven’t seen it yet. Plus, it goes perfectly with Halloween as kids.

5. Caroline


Caroline is by far the creepiest and scariest horror animated movie up to date. It is a movie that would scare young kids as well as some adults even though it is slightly less creepy than the book. Still, the movie is dark and the other world that Caroline discovers turns into a life threating one where many children have died. Not something you expect to find in cartoons.

6. The Grudge

The Grudge

If you look up “the sound the grudge makes” on YouTube, you would find it as the scariest and creepiest sound you have ever heard in your life. The movie is also one of the scariest movies that would keep you up at night.

7. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Three students travel to a small town to collect documentary footage about the Blair With, a legendary local murder. After interviewing locals and gathering information the project takes a horrific turn as the students lose their way in the woods and start hearing horrific noises.

8. The Ring

The Ring

This movie kept me up at night for weeks. I was only a little boy when I saw it in 2005 for the first time and today, after 13 years, I still can’t watch it alone.

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer

If you’re familiar with the 90’s darlings, then this is one of the best murder movies out there. Plus, it would take you back to the 90’s and bring back that nostalgia of the good times. In fact, there is even a competition between this series and the scream series. Even though both of them are great, fans have their favorites in terms of cast or storyline.

10. It follows

It follows

This is probably the scariest movie in the last decade. Sure, thriller flicks like Insidious and the Conjuring made way more in the big screens, they are no way near the scariest movies to be made. It is one of the few supernatural horror films in this decade to actually make sense in the way the story is told.


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