When planning your backpacking adventure the most important pre-trip decision is choosing your gadgets. Connecting with nature and getting away is still part of the plan but it’s never too bad to have some convenience in the wild. And there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. On the other hand, campers and hikers also exhibit

1. Solar Smartphone Cases

Solar Smartphone Cases

A smartphone is the most common gadget you can have in this era. However, these smartphones like all electrical devices use electricity to function. A solar smartphone is no different than most smartphones. They just have a solar charging source integrated into the hardware. Samsung blue Earth was the first solar powered smartphone and you can easily find solar panel phone cases as useful accessories for the road. Backpackers are always on the move so these cases from Enerflex and many other companies can come in handy on the road.

2. Powerpot V

Powerpot V

A hot meal with a side of electricity served. A camping trip is never complete without cooking up a hot meal in a campfire and just enjoying the company of your friends. However, now you can pack more than just a frying pan as powerpot can do so much more. Now, you can charge up your phone while cooking as well. Its 2018, so having a phone or laptop is pretty common even during camping trip or hiking.

3. Solar/Dynamo flashlight

Solar Dynamo flashlight

A flash light is a very common accessory to have when hiking or on a camping trip. This flash light by Secur runs on solar energy and dynamo electric generator. It is a very handy accessory to have indeed.

4. Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern

A solar lantern is a very useful gadget to have in your backpack. New models are equipped with a USB charging port and can store up to 500 ml of water. It’s a great device to have especially while hiking and or on a camping trip. Just leave it out in the sun and let it charge during the day.

5. Life Straw

Life Straw

Access to clean drinking water is a mandatory for everyone including travellers and backpackers. There is a limit to how much water you can store at a time and drinking straight from streams, lakes and rivers can be dangerous to health. Lifestraw is the ultimate gadget to have on an adventure. Precaution is better than just swinging it.

6. Solar backpack

Solar backpack

Well you’re gonna need something to keep all the cool gadgets in. Plus, if you can get a solar back pack, you have some of your basic problems on the road solved. You can charge your phone or your laptop on the move, carry all your necessary clothing and documents you need on the road.


So when are you planning your next trip? Well, now you have some stuff to add to cart when shopping for your next adventure.