Recently, push notifications from Instagram were only sent if the app was installed in the phone. Even though Instagram is commonly used as an app, the developers have now upgraded the desktop versions to make it better and more attractive to use. Before, desktop users could only see pictures but now they can check in on who has liked or commented on their posts recently. About 15 days ago, Android police reported on their website that users who use the web application for Instagram can finally get notifications as Google Chrome was the first to support it. The extension would ask permission from the users first and then enable notifications which will display the activity of the account like likes, comments and even new followers.

After the launch of Instagram Lite in Mexico during a test phase, push notifications will be available for the lite version even though it is made to reduce the data the premium app consumes. Users with limited data would be quite pleased. It will be launched any time soon. Direct messages and videos are not supported though as Instagram looks to slowly improve their app and maintain the exclusivity of their premium one.

It was later confirmed that Safari and Firefox were in on it too. However, not everyone was on board as a large majority of the public did not find this innovative or did not care for notifications anyway. Web push has been around for a while which allows websites to send you messages even if you’re not on the site. Amazon, Facebook, shopping apps and tons of other websites have been in on it for a while so it’s really no surprise that Insta would find its way there as well.


We feel that many app upgrades recently are not too different from older versions which might lead to users not bothering to make the update. However, bringing something new to the table often engages and attracts the users in ways that are found convenient and useful. For those users who do not always want to use the  mobile app but use Instagram from their computers or web browsers, this feature now brings to them almost the same quality experience that they normally have using the mobile app. The variations might be eliminated in the next big update but for now this is the big woop change Instagram has to offer. Time will tell if its good or great and only then we can see the possible shift in trend.

We get why Instagram want to do this but on the other hand, we firmly believe that Instagram is more popularly used as mobile app which needs some serious upgrades. Sure, the introduction of stories was a big hit but it’s been a while since there have been some relevant upgrades in a while.


In other news, Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have said their goodbyes after long going tensions between Facebook and Instagram. The melt down was due to conflict regarding the autonomy of the platform and Facebook. We might be witnessing the end of perhaps the best photo-sharing app in recent times as the owners have stated that they are planning on starting a new company after the fallout. Multiple reports today suggest that the leading cause of the founders’ exit was Zuckerberg’s decision to reorganize all product divisions under Cox and Systrom would now answer to him. This added a complicating layer between the founders of Instagram and Zuckerberg at a time when Instagram has emerged to be one of the best apps of the last decade and is very important to the future of Facebook.