Wearable technology

Wearable technology has been an innovative approach to keep all the external devices we need in daily life to fit into wearable products. A sphygmomanometer can surely tell you your blood pressure but wouldn’t it be easier to have a watch which can constantly monitor and display your vitals? Chinese classes can be extremely long and difficult so why can’t we have a device in 2018 that can enable us to converse in different languages? Why are blind people still blind when we have sent people to space, produced live saving drugs and products and countered most human limitation?

These are questions we don’t need to ask now as the wait for the next step in technological innovations is just round the corner. The products below are just a peak into the foreseeable future and it does look bright indeed;

1. LifePlus

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There’s a beneficial future for tech companies getting involved with health monitoring and control. We have used fitness watches with limited monitoring sensors like distance, heart rate and calorie count.  However, we have not had an accurate glucose monitoring watch that can monitor and improve the lives of diabetes patients. That is, unless LifePlus has cracked the code. The startup made waves this year when it emerged to announce it had successfully built the first continuous non-invasive wearable for glucose tracking. LifePlus isn’t using new sensor technology, but rethinking the use of existing sensors to isolate glucose in the blood. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide and it is about time we have technology that we can use to monitor our health as daily routine. You could also integrate this with a mass texting to be able to send and receive reminders and notifications regarding your activity on that day.

2. Mars translation Earbuds

Mars translation Earbuds

Language barrier is often the cause of miscommunication and there is thousands of language which for obvious reasons we cannot learn. However, in this age of technology there should be devices which should enable us to understand and converse in different languages. Mars translation Earbuds delivers real-time translation which will make it easier for you to have a conversation in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The killer feature here is that you’ll be able to pass one of the Earbuds to someone else and start having a conversation across two different languages.

3. Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses

Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses

2018 has been a big year for AR and Vuzix is taking the lead with its Blade smart glasses. The smart spectacles run on Vuzix’s Blade OS and will pair to your smartphone to display notifications, turn-by-turn directions and other information. They’re also feature a built-in 8 megapixel camera and come with Alexa support so you can make use of the smart assistant on the move. These glasses could be great for driving and emergency situations as well.

4. eSight Glasses

eSight Glasses

This is perhaps the most incredible invention in the last decade. A device that allows blind people to see is truly a heartwarming invention. Putting innovation aside, the emotions running through the mind of someone seeing for the first time is an incredible moment on its own. The eSight is a visor-like device worn on the head, with a pair of corrective glasses built in if they’re needed. A high-speed camera views the world around the wearer, projecting the image onto a pair of OLED screens, where special software enhances and cleans up the image. There’s little or no lag, the images produced don’t have a digital appearance, and because the visor can be lowered and lifted, peripheral vision isn’t ruined. It’s arguably the true definition of augmented reality.

5. Digitsole


This is a revolutionary product as it can help you keep your feet warm, thanks to the built-in thermostat. Winter is coming indeed. This sole can fit it into any shoe you like. The Digitsole also comes with an accelerometer, helping you track the steps taken or even know about the calories you’ve burnt during the run. Overall, this is the most comprehensive footwear accessory you can buy, given the kind of features it comes with. The company also has a dedicated app that is connected with the sole. It helps you control the temperature of individual soles as per your liking. This ensures that you’ll never have cold or sweaty feet again. Finally, a sole that can warm up my soul in cold winter nights.