Xiaomi is all pumped up to enter into the U.S market.


Being one of the world’s leading smartphone makers, Xiaomi’s wait has come to an end. Chairman Lei Jun has revealed that the company is aiming to launch its range of smartphones in the U.S market by the end of 2018 or in early 2019.


Generally, the Chinese tech companies have become successful on their home turf, but an expansion into the western market, especially in the U.S – has been challenging.

Huawei has been a recent example in this scenario. In collaboration with AT&T, Huawei was about to launch its flagship phone Mate 10 Pro.

Sadly, the deal was cancelled by the carrier before an official announcement could be scheduled. Clearly, the political pressure sabotaged the deal for Huawei.

Leagoo iPhone X

Xiaomi has not yet announced anything related to its carrier partner. Maybe Xiaomi is playing safe here, since its dubious whether it will get the same treatment by the U.S carriers and politicians than Huawei or not.

Adapting to the U.S regulations and customer’s needs are going to be things Xiaomi has to address. There are existing potential concerns from U.S intelligence officials over Chinese penetration.

Top officials of the FBI, CIA and NSA have all warned the government to keep a check on Chinese companies. They also urged the American citizens not to use products and services by Chinese tech companies like Huawei & ZTE.

Just like Huawei, Xiaomi may have to sell unlocked phones in the U.S. Carriers are forced to turn away from all Chinese phone makers over the allegations of surveillance & data breaching.

US market

Not solely a smart phone maker, Xiaomi offers a wide range of products in the U.S.



Already known for its Android TV set-top box, Mi TV, 360-degree camera, batteries, and a robot coding kit, Xiaomi can expand its footprint in the U.S. However, Xiaomi’s future in the U.S market will revolve around the carriers.




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