WhatsAPP business app

WhatsApp Business app has been officially launched – for Android users only at this moment. The app aims to facilitate small businesses to interact with their customers through automated messages, quick response, and prominent business profile.

Designed to help small businesses, WhatsApp business app is loaded with essential features like verified business profile, smart messaging tools for quick replies, greeting messages, away text messages and best of the lot ‘an analytic tool or metric’ for monitoring sent, delivered and read messages.

The app can be used in the same device where you use the standard WhatsApp Messaging app. WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger can be used on a same device with two different numbers registered – one for your business and another for personal use.

Whatsapp Business app

The Facebook owned ‘WhatsApp’ is constantly battling hard to enter into an excessively competitive space. Existing app like WeChat – which already hosts over 10 million of business accounts is going to be the toughest market rival for WhatsApp business application.

Apple also plans to introduce the updated iMessage that will include iOS business chat.

Business–to–Consumer (B2C) is the budding trend – especially with messaging apps. WhatsApp wants to grab every opportunity to establish its footprint in the B2C space.

WhatsApp Business app currently targets small sized businesses. However, it further plans to expand its reach to the larger businesses, like banks, customer management, airlines, client based services, e-commerce websites, etc.

After the WhatsApp Digital Payment launch (in India), this has been the biggest revelation by the company.

To Download WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
All Android users can download and install it for free.

play store

For the time being, there has been no official announcement for an iOS version of the WhatsApp business app.

The newly launched app is available for only a number of destinations: UK, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, and the U.S. Sources say: WhatsApp Business app will be rolling out to worldwide destinations in the coming weeks.