Valentine’s day.

Hold your breath on this Valentine’s day.
The holiday of love where people share time & spread happiness with their loved ones.

Valentine’s day is the first consumer holiday of the year – after the Christmas season, this could be your chance to boost your sales and heighten up customer engagement.

Marketing on an occasion is one of the most beneficial tactics any business can think of. Last year only, Valentine’s Day sales reached a record of $19.5 billion worth in the U.S, which indicates that one out of four Americans prefer buying products online.

Keeping in mind all the merchants and retailers, we have proposed 10 easy-to-implement marketing tactics for all businesses, on Valentine’s day.

Consumerism has changed quite a lot over a decade or so. Now people are not celebrating V-Day by buying old-fashioned flowers or chocolate boxes on Valentine.

The ongoing trend that is buzzing and keeping the V-Day spirit high is to purchase fashion items and even pets. Retailers and Merchants know how crucial Valentine’s Day is for their revenue. It would be a grave mistake not to plan a marketing strategy beforehand.

And at the core of a Valentine’s Day marketing strategy is creating a connection between consumers and brands.

Marketing on Valentine's Day

Here are 10 tactics for businesses to skyrocket their product promotions

♥Love-Themed Promotions

Spread love to your customers by setting up love-themed promotional campaigns.
Add hearts and toys at the backdrop of your theme. Also, using red color can be an attraction to make people fall in love first with your products and then with their loved ones. Promotional activities should contain tone of love and thematic that customers are compelled to fall for them.

  Design banner images and logos
  Color scheme should be RED
  Add Valentine’s Day gift guide

♥Fascinate Customers via SMS

On this Valentine’s day, charm your customers by sending them discount offers, text-to-win messages, free coupons via text messages. The benefits of text message marketing are well documented all over the internet and on our website as well. The channel of SMS marketing is already the most implemented marketing strategy amongst all sized businesses. And on Valentine’s Day, all businesses can avail the irresistible opportunity of captivating their customers with SMS marketing.

  Send love quotes to customers
  Persuade customers to buy your product
  Call for action – Use Emojis in your messages

♥User Generated Content – Consumer First

To create your brand presence and increase brand visibility, take advantage of user-generated content (UGC).

Coca Cola is one example using the UGC, allowing its customers to share photos on social platforms while having a drink. Red bull did the same during their Instagram campaign, where consumers had to share photos with innovative concepts. Several brands have used UGC on Valentine’s Day by asking couples to share their photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The result of UGC has been phenomenal that allowed businesses to reach to a wider audience with no real budget to spend.

  Let consumers be your brand ambassador
  Host a photo contest on social media
  Make customers to participate on their own

♥Discount Vouchers

On Valentine’s Day, couples are always in search for discounted products.

To delight your customers, you can place a discount on your products. This will help you to launch a social media and text message campaign. You don’t need to bundle various products to attract customers. Instead, you can send them a discount code via SMS that can be redeemed. But make sure to set a time limit on all the discount codes that people avail more and more on Valentine’s Day only.

  Buy one get one FREE offers
  Give free gift wrapping offer
  Re-engage customers via SMS marketing

♥Rush Shipping on Valentine’s day

Couples love to get hold of their gifts within a blink of an eye.

Make shipment instant by enabling fast track shipping for your products. Many shipping companies offer rush shipping on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Your business might suffer if your V-Day products are not rushing eligible. Also, there are customers who can show up in your stores or websites on 14th of February. You need to facilitate them with the premium service of rush shipment.

 ♦ Keep visiting your stock
  Make your products rush eligible
  Subscribe to a logistic firm for rush shipping

♥Hashtags – The Bandwagon

Hashtag campaigns have made businesses to penetrate into the digital world.
It is a conducive idea to increase brand visibility.

Although hashtags may not always contain a brand name, yet hashtags are somehow associated with a brand name. Hashtags can become an alternate identity of your brand from which your social presence can be seen. On Valentine’s Day, create love oriented hashtags and market your products to spark interest in your customers.

  Choose unique and memorable hashtags
  Highlight your product within the hashtag
  Make sure your hashtag gets in the trending

♥Mobile Push Notifications

If your business has its own application, then mobile push notifications can be really handy on Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, push notifications can annoy your customers.

However, sending appropriate push notifications can incite customers to take instant action. Send mobile push notifications which contain love-themed backgrounds and the written content should move your target audience on V-Day.

 Include thematic effects
  Romantic one liners can included
 Don’t flood your customers with notifications

♥Time Sensitive Offers

Clearly, all customers on Valentine’s Day are looking for lucrative deals and offers.
Precise timing is the winning formula if you want to skyrocket your business on V-Day.

Set your marketing campaigns with a countdown timer. This will lighten up a sense of urgency in your consumers to avail your products or services instantly before the offer ends. Conversion rates will uplift once you will raise the urgency factor and people, especially couples will consume your products like hot cakes.

  Time limited promotion gives lead generation
  Customize your countdown till Valentine’s Day
  Decorate a festive mood with your offers

♥Last-minute Gifts & Impulse Purchasing

Avoid clichés that most customers have become immune to, such as an overabundance of heart-shaped products. Last-minute gift deals can be a strategy that customers might find exciting.

A consumer today knows that a business will certainly give away a gift if there is a commitment being done. A Valentine’s day gift will have no significance once the day is gone. So, ask customers to consume more and more your products to get a chance to win last-minute gifts.

  Lower down your standard pricing
  Move customers with the right pay points
  Host a bumper prize offer

♥Not to Forget – Forever Singles

Valentine’s Day has never been only for couples to cherish.

There are hundreds and thousands of single men and women who also celebrates V-Day with same zeal and enthusiasm as couples do. A business should not miss the trick to attract potential customers like forever singles. Prevent all single people to feel less important on this Valentine’s Day. Offer them additional discounts and offer them something to enjoy while remaining alone.

  Go an extra mile for singles
  Evaluate your customer relationship
Know your customers before approaching