World's richest man

The year 2018 has turned out to be a sensational bonanza for Jeff Bezos.
Jeff Bezos as founder, chairman and the current CEO of Amazon (The King of E-commerce) has well and truly surpassed the long reigned world’s richest man Bill Gates.

According to the most recent report issued by Bloomberg Billionaires index, the net amount of Jeff Bezos has reached up to US$ 104.5 billion in January, 2018.
This massive leap has dethroned Bill Gates from the title of world’s richest man.

Amazon shares have risen up to 7% this year. Bezos has made US$ 10 billion within the span of two weeks only. The retail marketing giant Jeff Bezos is way ahead of Bill Gates due to the recent uplift in the market value of almost 55%.

Last year also in October Bezos did manage to pass Gates, but that lasted for a short duration only. But this time Jeff’s fortune has crossed US$ 100 billion for the very first time.

GATES IS NO MORE THE World’s Richest Man

Bill Gates as an American businessman, investor and a philanthropist is the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation. Gates’ current net worth is US$ 91.1 billion. He has established a charity organization with a pledge to eradicate poverty & diseases.

With his generosity and welfare participation, Bill Gates led a movement involving ultra-rich personalities to devote themselves into the noble cause of charity. Most of the world’s leading billionaires have joined hands with Gates. But Jeff Bezos never did.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is today the world’s largest online shopping platform. He founded Amazon in his own garage back in 1994. He also owns the Washington Post and the space exploration company named Blue Origin.

Comparing assets of both Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos’, we cannot think of them in our wildest dreams and expectations. Gates only holds 2% of Microsoft’s shares. In contrast, Jeff Bezos owns 18% shares of Amazon, which have surged big time.


The humanitarianism and philanthropist attributes of Bill Gates have resulted in his decreased assets. He has already spent billions in welfare activities. Along with W.H.O and UNICEF, Gates wants to eradicate polio completely.

Despite Bezos’s recent efforts to donate money for charitable causes, he is no way near to what Gates and his wife Melinda have given away. Reports suggest that almost US$ 2 billion has been spent by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Amazon’s market shares are sky high in the international market. Forbes believes that Jeff Bezos’ net worth will attain an eye-popping increase of US$ 10 billion in the days to come. Jeff Bezos has gained such fame because of his staggering rise of wealth.

Honestly, if Bill Gates had not devoted himself to the noble cause of charity, then his net worth would have hit around US$ 150 billion.

Well! No matter what, Jeff Bezos has managed to climb the socioeconomic ladder and today he is the world’s richest man on planet earth, leaving Bill Gates as second in the current list of the richest people.

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