“A comparison” Features & Pricing

Two of the most pronounced SMS API service providers “TheTexting” & “Twilio” will be the center of our today’s discussion.
As a Text API gateway, Twilio has been there for many years, having established itself as one of the leading marketing giants.
THETEXTING on the other hand, is relatively, a new name in the commercial market. But within a little span of time, it has emerged as a fine induction in the market.

It is important to remember that this comparison is solely taking Text message (SMS) into account, since TheTexting is exclusively an SMS gateway provider, and Twilio deals with other features as well like voice calls, emails, video, chat etc.

Despite knowing the fact that there are a number of API gateway providers, we wanted to draw a comparison between Twilio & TheTexting because most people ask which one is more suitable for text message marketing. Therefore, we pledge to come up with an impartial review/comparison between the two.

TWILIO – Features

Twilio is a one stop communication solutions vendor. For developers, Twilio is almost like a savior who has enabled them to build intelligent and complex communication systems. Twilio provides its RESTful API to worldwide companies which is easy to integrate.

The features of Twilio in the paradigm of SMS are:

a) Real-time reporting:
Twilio gives you comprehensive analytics. You can track all text messages in real-time.
Keep a close eye on your marketing campaigns by Twilio’s report service.

b) Concatenated SMS
Send Supersized text messages with Twilio. No need to worry about the standard of SMS consisting 160 characters, now Twilio allows you to send concatenated text messages.
No more lost messages, nor any manual chunking will be seen.
*Additional charges will apply for text messages exceeding the limit of 160 characters.

Server side programming languages are offered by Twilio for its RESTful APIs.
Also, Twilio provides SMS API documentations and tools to look for.
Click here to view Twilio’s SMS API

d) Two-way messaging
Two way text messaging is also a feature that Twilio bestows upon its customers.
You can use long codes (DID’S), short codes and toll free phone numbers for two way messaging.

e) Automatic content encoding
Automatic character encoding, and message assembly ensure that messages are delivered reliably across the globe without needing custom code.

f) Alphanumeric SENDER-ID
Yes, Alphanumeric SENDER-ID is available for all countries where the use of Sender-ID is permitted.

g) Developer Tools
A wide range of developer tools, documentations, help libraries, monitoring and debugging tools are provided.

h) Coverage
Twilio has an extensive reach through its global coverage.

i) Live Customer Support = NO


TheTexting is an SMS solution provider. It contains cloud based SMS API system which has enabled businesses to utilize mass text messaging. Just like Twilio, TheTexting is also a partner for worldwide developers who are looking for easy to integrate SMS API.

The features of TheTexting in the paradigm of SMS are:

a) Delivery Reports
Delivery reports may not be real-time with TheTexting.

b) Concatenated SMS
Yes, TheTexting also supports concatenated SMS. You can send supersized text messages.
*Additional charges will apply on messages with more than 160 standard characters.

TheTexting offers cloud based RESTful API which can integrate with most existing systems and CRM modules.
Its SMS API is user-friendly. No back end logic is required for integration. You can test SMS API during the free trial as well.
Click here to view TheTexting’s API documentation.

d) Two-way messaging
Similar to Twilio, TheTexting also supports two way text messaging.
You can use long codes (virtual numbers) and short codes for two-way messaging.

e) Alphanumeric SENDER-ID
TheTexting offers SENDER-ID for KSA and UAE only.

f) Developer Tools

All API sample codes are given for the Restful API. Nearly all programming languages are provided for easy integration.
Unlike Twilio, TheTexting lacks the facility of developer tools because of its limited resources.g) Coverage
TheTexting is currently operating in 5 destinations only.h) Live Customer Support
Well yes! TheTexting gives 24/7 live customer support to its clients through multiple channels like call, chat, etc.

Our Verdict

Not much difference was found in terms of features.
Both Twilio & TheTexting offers almost similar features to their clients.
Although Twilio with its giant market presence, offers a little more than the emerging brand like TheTexting.
Still, what engages clients the most is the price rate of both SMS gateways.

For our reader’s convenience, we have drawn authentic statistics from the most reliable sources.
All pricing plans & rates are taken from the official websites of Twilio & TheTexting.

*No prejudice or bias has been involved on our part while making a comparison report.


Note: Pricing varies from destination to destination.

Our price comparison is merely for the United States.

It is no surprise that businesses endeavor to cut down their expenditures.
So, pricing plays an eminent role when it comes to deciding which brand to pick.

Following are the SMS pricing for both Twilio & TheTexting.

Outgoing (Long code) $ 0.0075 $ 0.0055
Incoming (Long code) $ 0.0075 FREE
Outgoing (Short code) $ 0.0075* $ 0.006*
Incoming (Short code) $ 0.0075 FREE
Local number price $ 1.00 per month $ 0.75 per month
Toll free number price $ 2.00 per month NA
Random short code $ 3,000 / 3months $ 3,600 / 3months
Payment methods Credit/Debit card, PayPal Credit/Debit card, PayPal

Note: Additional carrier charges may apply for some U.S networks

*Applicable for both Twilio & TheTexting users

We have given you the exact price comparison between the two, and by examining it from a neutral eye, we can easily say that TheTexting is clearly more cost-effective in terms of pricing. Twilio on the other hand, is quite costly.

What distinguishes TheTexting & Twilio is that one is charging for incoming SMS, and another one is allowing you to receive incoming messages for FREE. Meanwhile, their outgoing SMS rates are also two worlds apart.


Regardless of all the extra features that Twilio offers, it is important to understand that pricing is the main concern for all savvy marketers.
What benefit can an organization extract from a real-time delivery report if it is causing too much money? Of course – NOTHING.

Keeping all the added advantages of Twilio’s features aside, then, in terms of investment, TheTexting is, indisputably the best SMS API gateway to opt for. Categorically speaking, Twilio would have easily surpassed TheTexting, if it’s price rates weren’t that high.

According to our terminal analysis, we have come to a conclusion that TheTexting is comprehensively in the driver’s seat, outplaying Twilio with ease due to its customer centric approach, and above all, by its cheap text messaging price rates.