SMS marketing vs Email marketing

Which one is better for your business?

SMS Marketing


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to decide an effective marketing strategy for your business. All this needs to be done to get the attention to the customers so that they can use your products or services. Marketing in any business has a crucial value that it cannot be ignored. Due to the inclusion of new techniques in this field, people are finding effective ways that can yield best results. Out of all other marketing strategies that are used for any business, SMS marketing and email marketing are the most important one.

SMS marketing:
SMS marketing is a common technique that is used to inform as many as possible customers about the new products and services you will be introducing in your business. With the use of text messages, you can also communicate new offers to the people out there. The best part about using SMS marketing is that it allows you with the ability to communicate with people directly and frequently.

Email marketing:
Email marketing is another tool that is used to generate commercial messages for the customers. These emails can be about any product’s promotion. The email marketing allows the business owners to reach the customers without even spending much amount.


SMS marketing vs Email marketing:
The difference between email marketing and SMS marketing can be explained in the following headings:

  1. Customer engagement:
    When it comes to the extent to which a strategy can engage the customers, email and SMS marketing has different effects. For the progress of any business, it is essential that the customers should feel connected or engaged in the activities related to that brand. The method you will use for your business will depend on the nature of your business, the need to convey formal or informal messages. For example, restaurant owners will recommend using SMS marketing instead of using email marketing. However, the customer engagement is greater with SMS marketing.
  2. Open rates:
    Open rates are the rate at which the sent message via email or SMS is being read. People tend to open respond to the text that is sent through SMS much more than the email. Email marketing is a kind of formal strategy. Less amount of people is compelled to open a promotional email. SMS, on the other hand, is much more communicative.
  3. Click through rates:
    Click through rate is a percentage calculation of the people who has clicked through on the website of the specific brand through different marketing strategies. The purpose of marketing is to engage people and convince them to shift to your brand or use your services. It can be effectively fulfilled through SMS marketing. The SMS gateway allows a lot of people to easily reach the website. The results of different studies have also revealed the effectiveness of SMS marketing.
  4. Sending rate:
    The number of people who are using text messages to perform their daily communication is increasing on daily basis. According to a study, there are about 72% people who prefer using text messages to convey their formal or work related messages. Emails, on the other hand, are not used this much frequently. The same study reveals that there are only 34% people who use emails on regular basis. Due to these findings, it is best to use SMS marketing to reach as many people as a brand can.
  5. Spam rate:
    Each one of you must be aware of the fact that spam needs to be avoided. Emails have the ability to sort out the spams that are received. There is a great chance that your message that is being sent for the promotional purpose is sent to the spam folder. But if the same messages are sent through SMS there is only 1% chance that it is considered to be as spam which means that people will get your message more with the SMS marketing instead of email marketing.
  6. Quality content:
    With email marketing, you cannot send only a specific thing that needs to be communicated. You have to develop a proper content and this detailed content sometimes bored the client that they leave their email unread. With SMS you don’t have to worry about the content. A simple single liner message is enough.

All the above differences that are discussed highlights the importance of SMS marketing much more than the email marketing. If you are convinced to use SMS marketing, can help you in every possible way. With their services, you can send messages to the customers at much cheaper rates and with great ease.