Mass Texting

Use of Mass Texting to Compliment Your Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Guerilla marketing is one of the most unconventional, unusual and unpredictable methods of marketing which has been proven to take the consumer by surprise and make an indelible impression. On the...
Mass Texting

How to Effectively Engage Customers in 2018 by Using Texting Service

Businesses are constantly developing new and effective strategies to reach out and engage customers. There is always room for increase in clientele which means that they need to efficiently exploit different...
Top 20 Industries that Use Texting for Communication

Top 20 Industries that Use Texting for Communication

Texting has evolved to become the prime channel of global written communication. It has surpassed channels like emails, calls, ads, and commercials in reach-time, effectiveness and overall cost. Thousands of industries...
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Facebook launches Portal: An Artificial Intelligence video-calling device

Facebook has finally entered the smart-speaker market. It now offers voice-controlled video calling devices named the Portal and Portal+. They are smart speakers with...