Discover who is first to launch 10 digits textable number

There’s been a lot of buzz in the SMS industry about the 10 digits textable number from the past few months. Businesses were relying on shared shortcodes before. Now, 2021 will be a great year for the A2P SMS industry.

Quick recap about the news rolling

From the last few months, there’s been news rolling in the market about the rise of 10DLC. Meanwhile, it was expected that shared shortcodes will discontinue sometime between March 01st, 2021 ~ June 01st, 2021. The rise of 10 digits textable number might bring a fall for shared shortcodes. The reason is that shared shortcodes have a higher risk of spamming. However, 10DLC is a secure service and it is application to person. Businesses can do fruitful marketing with 10DLC. Peer to peer communication with long numbers is also shutting down on March 01st, 2021.

10 digits textable number is out now

How can you get started with 10DLC?

The long-awaited 10DLC is now in the market. While other SMS service providers are testing the 10DLC service and using the beta version of it. ExpertTexting has taken the lead to roll out 10DLC services. Businesses can use 10DLC as it is affordable. Moreover, they can use it for better engagement.

Bottom line

Start strong with an effective text marketing tool in 2021. A2P 10DLC will ensure the security of the business. 2021 is all about A2P text marketing.