10DLC – A Revolution in Mass Texting

10DLC (10-digit long codes) or commercial long codes are building their way to the SMS marketing industry. This new transition might just replace shortcodes soon. 10DLC is heating the SMS industry.

Let’s do some real talk about 10DLC!

What is 10DLC?

A 10DLC or commercial long code allows a business to send bulk messages. Previously, long codes were for peer to peer use only. 10DLC is a long code that works for application to person. 10DLC service is expected to be launched officially in March 2021.

As per the news, US carriers intend to replace shared shortcodes with 10DLC. The reason is shared shortcodes have a higher risk of spamming. However, dedicated shortcodes are still there but expensive.

10DLC offers higher throughput for A2P traffic. They are offering a throughput of up to 30 messages per second. Comparatively, long codes only send one text per second. Moreover, the limit is only 200 messages in one day. Comparatively, 10DLC will have a much higher rate.

US carriers gave the users a period till march. After that official launch of 10DLC, users will have limited choices. They can either use dedicated shortcodes or 10DLC. However, dedicated shortcodes are costly as compared to 10DLC.

10DLC is the future of text marketing

Benefits of 10DLC

10DLC is a fast, and affordable service for small businesses. 10DLC will be a part of the A2P text messaging industry in the upcoming months. Small enterprises can use 10DLC for effective business marketing.  Moreover, it offers some real features. Here’s what they are:

  1. 10DLC- an Omni Communication channel
    Both long codes and 10DLC are ten-digit local numbers. Long codes are used for P2P communication which is quite limited. Whereas, 10DLC is specially designed for business marketing. You can send text messages in bulk. Moreover, you can make calls and can also send faxes. That’s why 10DLC is an Omni communication channel.
  2. Looks Organic
    10DLC is just like a local number comprising of 10 digits. It looks like the text is coming from a person instead of an automated system. Speaking of which, shortcodes are more likely to be ignored by the customers. However, in this case, 10DLC has a much higher rate of opening as compared to the shortcodes. The reachability increases with its organic look.
  3. Cost-effective
    10DLC is an affordable service for many businesses. Shared shortcodes are about to close in the US. People will switch to dedicated shortcodes. Dedicated shortcodes are reliable but costly. 10DLC is a great alternative for those seeking a secure and cost-friendly service.

Top texting service providers offering 10DLC

Few of the top texting service providers who will offer 10DLC are:

  • ExpertTexting
    ExpertTexting is a text marketing solution designed for all sorts of businesses. This SMS marketing platform will officially provide 10DLC services in the upcoming months.
  • SimpleTexting
    SimpleTexting is planning to offer 10DLC services to its user in early 2021.
  • Twilio
    Twilio has also told its users about the hype of 10DLC. As they will be going to offer this service once it will be officially released.

Wrap up

10DLC is a reliable, secure, and affordable service for many businesses. It is going to be rolling out in 2021. Businesses have already realized that 10DLC will be the new way of communication to market and sell their products.

If you are still using shared shortcodes, it is time you make the switch.