lockdown hobbies
lockdown hobbies

It’s been over a month since the lockdown all over the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You have probably watched all your shows pending, read the books on your to-read list. You may have even finished all the games on your PlayStation, Xbox or PC. The question is, now what? Eventually, you’ll get bored. However, there is long list of hobbies you can pick from the internet. From essential skills to educational courses and mind development exercises, there’s a ton to keep you occupied. Moreover, being in quarantine may result to a good chance you can’t step outside or you’re avoiding it. This is why we have chosen a list of activities and skill that require minimal or no equipment. So, stay at home and get started with the following lockdown hobbies!

1. Cooking

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No surprises here. While restaurants and hotels are a no-go at the moment, delivery services might also be limited depending on where you live. A trip to the barber is impossible and long lines at the stores are just depressing. Necessity is the mother of invention and it really gets people thinking. Why not make your favorite food at home? You do not need to have a stash of recipe books as the internet is full of resources to teach you how to bake or cook. You can subscribe to any cooking or celebrity channel and simply follow them as they cook in their videos.

Cooking is a not just a near-essential skill to have, but will make you realize how much money you can save by cooking you favorite dishes instead of ordering in all the time. Like movies and games, comfort food is also something you’ll eventually get bored of. So, processed foods like mac and cheese, and munchies will not satisfy your taste buds in the long run. Of course, you can check out a list of great cooking apps for IOS or Android such as Cookpad or Paprika. As far as lockdown hobbies go, this should be on top.

2. Classic games

Family playing ludo at home - GD000597 - Gabi Dilly/Westend61

Between work, TV and spending time on the phone, we usually feel burned out on screen time. The lockdown is a great time to play board games like chess, Ludo and checkers with the family. These games have a lot more than meets the eye. Sure, they do not have flashy graphics or stunning gameplay but they require you to learn the rules, form a strategy and make decisions to progress. They are easy to play but difficult to master. Board games like Monopoly and Ludo are quite entertaining especially when playing with family. It is great for bonding and taking a break from being attached to our phones and laptops.

3. Get new skills

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The lockdown presents a great opportunity to pick up that short course you didn’t have time for when things were normal. So far, we have focused on lockdown hobbies that teach life skills or provide entertainment, but learning new skills is a smart way to kill boredom. Sure, it’s not a hobby and you want to take a break from work and studying for a while. However, the internet may surprise you how valuable short courses can be in the long run. For instance, learning management 101, or graphic designing or learning to program. It is not necessary that you do it to add to your resume but they will count especially if your ambitions include becoming a diversified professional.

4. Home workout

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Netflix and munchies are fun, but being in a lockdown with not much physical activities will add on a few pounds. So, when it comes to lockdown hobbies, exercise should definitely be among them. Now, this does not mean you order heavy gym equipment. All you need is right there at home along with your body weight. Even though you might not bulk up, you may still stop the beer belly when you look down. Yes, it takes a little getting used to but it’s worth the effort. You can download any of the top rated fitness apps or watch your favorite athletes or gurus on YouTube.