When it comes to electric mobility, there is always a chance that Tesla is probably working to do it first before anyone else. The brand recently announced the creation of an all-electric utility truck called Cybertruck and it looks like something that came out of a sci-fi movie.

Elon Musk introduced the truck back in November, and it immediately sent the internet into a frenzy of social media posts and memes, comparing it to everything from a doorstop to the Bladerunner’s truck in the movie. But those who know their way around the auto industry noticed that it resembled the classic DMC DeLorean and it is certainly reminiscent.

This vehicle became famous by the role as a time travelling sports car in the Back to the Future movies in the 80s. However, unlike the Cybertruck, the DeLorean did not have the fire power to complement its design and styling, hence, only around 9,000 unites were made before the production was halted back in 1983. We know that both cars were designed by iconic renegades. Just as the DeLorean was polarizing in the 80s, the Cybertruck design is no different which is perfect for Musk and Tesla. Both Musk and DeLorean were perturbed by the lack of innovation in the auto industry and share a vision for breaking the mold in stagnant automotive industry in their view.

However, unlike DeLorean, Musk has proven to have a staying power and his vision is taking the market by storm on a daily basis. Just as the DeLorean was 40 years ago, the Cybertruck design is absolutely polarizing. And, for Musk, that is perfect. Tesla as a habit of entering different automobile markets like they did back a couple of years ago with their version of LiveWire Electric Motorcycle by Harley Davidson. Now, they have entered the light-duty pickup truck market, which is the most lucrative sector in the US automotive market. Elon does things his own way so it would be wrong to imagine his design is anything lookal

The Cybertruck

Like every car, the Cybertruck offers personal transport with lots of comfort, space and headroom for 6 people. However, the range of the truck’s capabilities are much harder to grasp at first. The Cybertruck has a range of around 800 km on it’s top-spec range and 0-96 kph in 2.9 seconds which might have you thinking whether it really is a truck. Along with this, it has a 6.5 feet long rear deck which can be used for different purposes. It also offers a LOT of cargo room and around two times that of a Suburban, and significantly more than an F-150 of the same size. It is battery powered which makes it an energy source for all things electric including power tools and appliances.

Plus, it can generate more energy using optional solar panels. Very few vehicles can match its power with the ability to load up to 2 tons of weight. It can tow well beyond its weight class including three stacked pickup trucks. Plus, the truck cannot be dented making it virtually indestructible on the surface and in the cargo area. Moreover, the glass won’t break even if it got hit by a strong steel ball. Tesla’s pickup camper, however, looks a little like something we’ve seen before … the late, great Pontiac Aztek and its tailgate tent. Or at least Telsa’s effort is just as weird and unconventionally proportioned. After revealing its feverishly anticipated Cybertruck, Tesla flashed a preview of how the pickups harshly sloped rear-end could transform into a go-anywhere shelter.