5 Ways to Re-Engage with Prospects After the Holiday Season
5 Ways to Re-Engage with Prospects After the Holiday Season

There are many businesses across that world that have been ghosted by a few prospects in the holiday season. The go-to reason for this may be simply because they are not interested, but that is not the case. Vacation, planning and budgetary shifts are some of the reasons businesses often lose track of seasonal prospects. However, there is always another opportunity for when you follow up in January, next year. Besides, even after the holiday season, consumers are in the spending spirit, so why not encourage them to spend with your business? The following are some ways to re-engage with prospects after the holiday season and some promotion ideas which you can use every year.

1. Ask How Your Customers are Doing

January is an ideal time to renew, upgrade and cross-sell to existing customers. Plus, you must have your customers as part of your New Year’s Resolutions. A simple email or consented text, saying, “[Customer name], We’d love to talk to you in January to learn what we did well last year and how we can better serve you this year and in the future.” This is a smart way to end the year and ensure you have not left any issues unresolved. Once, you have engaged with the customer, you can generate relevant feedback and improve in the lacking areas. In many cases, customer feedback can bring about new ideas for future upgrades or the next steps. That way you are not just selling what you have, you are trying to ensure is that what you are selling is what they want. If you do not have a new product or service, then you should focus on renewals or upgrades.

2. Identify Customer Priorities for the Year

Get a sense of the marketing channels that work for you, trade show schedule and all the product roadmaps for the whole year or at least the first 3 to 4 months. When you know what customers have prioritized, you can plan accordingly and offer what they need when and where they need it, before they know they need it. By planning your sales according to their spending habits and calendar, you will increase your chances of success and become a priority for them for the year.

3. New Product Promotion on New Year

The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something they haven’t before. Whether your business has a new product launch in 2020 or in the future, or you just want to promote a staple product, you can do both with this promotion. If your business offers services, you might want to consider offering a new package or an attractive bundle. For instance, a restaurant can cook up some New Year specials or a store can have a discounted clearance sale. Spas or parlors can offer bundled packages before the end of the Holiday season as well.

4. Post-New Year Promotion

Customers still have the shopping hangover after New Year so keep the holiday offerings coming with sales and discounts. Sales usually drop after Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you go with it. Keeping customers simply engaged also means that when the holiday season is over, they remember you. So, let them know about your offers via texts or promote them on your social channels. Social media isn’t as invasive as emails or texts, so they can simply go through what you have to offer by scrolling down their news feed.