After over 15 years, the Motorola Razr is back. If there was ever a phone which could bring back nostalgic feelings, this would be it. Even if you don’t have a thing for iconic flip phones like some of us do, this new Razr brings a breath-taking design that looks not only futuristic but also similar. Motorola has insisted on multiple occasion that this new device wasn’t an attempt to bring the company’s legendary V3 Razr flip phone back from the dead but rather the fact that there was nothing innovatively new going on in phones when it comes to their physical design. Another reason is that multiple research and surveys suggest that people are looking for a more pocketable phone and are tired of fitting large devices in their pockets at all times.

Many foldable phones like Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold have been surrounded by hype, delays and frustration. Yes, when customers are expected to pay over a thousand dollars for these devices, these delays were expected as there was minimum for errors and faults. But then enters Motorola Razr foldable phone with a folding screen and an innovative Moto’s version of Android. It is truly a glimpse into the past and the future which makes it perhaps the greatest update since PlayStation 2.

We have been bored seeing the release of coffin-like boxes from Nokia, Samsung and the “innovative” iPhone 11. This is there the Razr comes in in a transparent lid, standing upright for the world to see it before it is even opened. To be honest, the box does look like a burr grinder for coffee but in a unique and fitting way with the top half lifting up to reveal the phone nestled in an angled base. The idea behind this is that you can use the bottom of the box as a stand for the phone. The sides of the base also have tiny holes which serve as a speaker grill, to amplify the volume of music.

The accessories come in a case that looks like something you’d get with a pair of expensive sunglasses. The Razr also fits into the case, giving you extra protection if you want to throw the phone in a bag or purse.

Aside from the Motorola Razr and its special box, you get:

  1. Razr wired earbuds with a USB-C plug
  2. An accessory case that doubles as a carry case for the phone
  3. A TurboPower wall charger
  4. A USB-C cable
  5. A headphone jack to USB-C adapter
  6. Printed guides and instructions