It has been quite a rough year for technology with rather disappointing innovations, new releases and upgrades. Tech giants from around the world got billions from around the world excited with their latest releases and most of them have either been delayed, caused problems or had simply nothing to justify the innovation or upgrade.

Without any further ado, lets take a look at the biggest tech disappointments of 2019;

1. Apple’s AirPods 2 and “new” iPod.

Apple’s wireless headphones AKA AirPods are among the best and hottest new products in the last decade. This lead millions of fans to believe that the next upgrade would be huge but, in the end, they were underwhelmed with a minor upgrade which were a slight improvement in battery life, a new wireless charging case. You can also use Siri by voice activation on the new upgrade. Moreover, the new iPod touch has also been criticized heavily as it is nothing more than a minor update from the last model which was released in 2015, which itself was criticized for being no different than the 2013 model. Apple is hardly keeping the iPod alive and the new device is running on a chip Apple introduced in 2016 which answers why this product is such a big disappointment in 2019.

2. Google Stadia

Google stadia is Google’s long-rumored game console which turned out not to be a game console but a subscription service for streaming video games which are to be purchased individually. So, it is not going to be like Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox. The games will be powered by hardware in a Google data center and beamed to your screen so they will look identical on whatever platform you play on. The idea and the technology of Stadia is innovative and interesting but the platform seems more like an online gaming store than a Netflix-like streaming service in which you pay full price for each game you want to play along with the monthly subscription on Pro level of Stadia.

3. LG’s Signature OLED TV R

The LB Signature OLED TV R is without a doubt a unique, innovative and impressive approach to new TV design. The main concept of this design is that it can be rolled down into a unique piece of furniture so there is no massive screen at all times in your living space. There are also varying levels of openness that enable different functions like the music player with ambient lighting for an abbreviated experience. The TV was scheduled to arrive in early 2019 but it is still no where to be seen and LG has not mentioned anything about it even by the end of June which is disappointing. However, some reports suggest that 2020 might be the year this gem of a product eventually lands in the market.

4. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is Nintendo’s new version of the Nintendo Switch and it has received a lot of positive reviews from around the world. However, the positive reviews have been mostly due to its low price of around $200 and its simple yet unique design. The downside of this product which was heavily criticized is the fact that this new version of Switch cannot be docked for TV play like the original switch which means that it is a handheld console exclusively. The product itself is not that disappointing but it could have been amazing if it could have been a smaller portable version of the Switch and sold without an included dock. This way, Nintendo would have won more customers especially with mobile gaming currently trending worldwide so a small handheld device with powerful graphics would have totally raided the market.

5. Samsung galaxy Fold

Samsung’s innovative and ambitious $2000 foldable smartphone went from being the most awaited, fascinating and awe-inspiring gadget to a complete disaster in just a week. It was meant to be the first phone with a foldable touchscreen and it has been teased, unveiled and secretly sent out to hundreds of tech reviewers over the past six months. As the review stage began, the downfall of the product began as the phone’s foldable screen cracked along with all the excitement regarding the phone. As a disappointing result, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Fold would be delayed for several weeks in order to fix the phone’s problems and it still doesn’t have official release date. However, many reports suggest that the product would be relaunched ahead of the holiday season but things are not looking good as this product’s existence in the market was short lived.