Inventions are the reason our world is constantly changing with the gaps between our expectations and available products are constantly being filled. Since the beginning of time, humans have invented infinite objects that have not only aided mankind but also inspired future inventions and its growing trend. Today, the world witnesses millions of inventions every year and it is reported that the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization granted 1.4 million patents in 2017. We could fry our brains if we have to look at all these inventions so we have handpicked 8 inventions that will definitely intrigue you. Some of these inventions might change the world we live in and others may simply want you to try them because they are simple cool.

1. Eyelights – The First Holographic Car Assistant

Thanks to this wonderful innovation by Eyelights, the days of getting distracted when driving while facing your infotainment system will soon be over. Eyelights is a concept innovation which uses holographs instead of a screen to display vital starts of your car, maps, incoming calls and alerts. Plus, since there us no physical screen, you can simply wave your hand in the air to control it which makes it super handy. This system may possibly replace touch interfaces in the future, at least in automobiles.

2. Hoversurf

We’re close to seeing flying cars and hoversurf is transforming personal transport while keeping is super cool at the same time. Its ne S3 is a quadcopter superbike which cannot only take of and land at any surface but also hovers above the ground at 100 kms per hour. The body is super light made out of carbon fiber giving it a weight of just about 250 pounds. The super vehicle has already been adopted as part of Dubai Police’s supercars fleet which criminals cannot evade easily. This is an early concept we’re seeing and the future is proving to be exactly as it is in the movies.

3. Unagi

Unagi is a compact electrical scooter which can be folded and taken anywhere making it easy to scoot around the city. It is very lightweight which complements its foldable design along with puncture-proof tires so you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Plus, it also features an LED display to notify riders of battery status as well as controls for light, brake and horn. The throttle is on the right with ABS like braking control to improve safety.

4. Geopress Purifier – Clean Water, Anywhere in the World

When you’re off-grid, obtaining water is a major challenge and this is where handheld filters come into play. You must have heard of LifeStraw which allows you to drink water directly from any running water body without worrying about any impurities. Geopress purifier takes this even one step further using zeolites for ion exchange along with activated carbon filter to remove any disease-causing bacteria, viruses, protozoan, metals and impurities. With Geofilter, you can not only instantly filter dirty water and prevent diseases like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A but also store 24oz (710ml) for thirst on the go.

5. Solar Roadways

Solare Roadways consists of solar panels that are used to pave roads, driveways, or any surface meant for walking or driving. The wafers are protected by thick layers of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass and generate electricity from the surface. These modules can be hexagonal panels which make replacement easy. Plus, they can be electronically programmed to show specific markings on the road and also generate enough heat to melt snow in cold areas during winter. All of this while saving the Earth and Earth-dwellers from succumbing to the damage caused by greenhouse gases.

6. Padrone Ring

It doesn’t matter how smooth or sophisticated the trackpads on your laptops get, a mouse is still irreplaceable because of the speed and freedom they offer. Padrone Ring is a small and nimble finger ring which you can use as a laptop or computer mouse. The mouse connects to any device over Bluetooth and supports a variety of gestures. More importantly, it is waterproof and comes in 12 sizes which means you can wear it anywhere you got without breaking it or frying the internals.

7. Dolfi – Next Gen Washing Device

Washing clothes for hours is exhausting and perhaps this was the innovation we were looking for. Its time for ultrasonic solutions in laundry to take over so say help to Dolfi. Dolfi knocks out dirt out of clothes automatically using modulated ultrasonic waves without you even requiring you to dedicate any time to washing. Just keep your clothes in a bucket full of water and detergent along with Dolfi, and enjoy the magic.

8. PWR 27 – Your Traveling PowerStation

Traveling without additional battery backup can make you feel pretty powerless. But to save yourself the trouble, you can rely on PWR 27, a compact-sized power bank with a massive capacity of 27,000mAh. The power bank is dust and waterproof, can be dropped from a height of up to 1,000 feet, and is capable of bearing with a crushing load of 2 tons, which means that you can take it to any place with you irrespective of the terrain or weather conditions. PWR 27 is capable of charging five devices at once and includes an AC output too. If you manage to be caught up in the wilderness while PWR 27 loses all its battery, you can charge it with sun too. All of these astonishing features make PWR 27 a must-have for wanderlusts.