Loyal fans of the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones” had been patiently waiting for the start of the eight and final season. Now the series is almost over and has left the fans in tears after nearly a decade of quality television. From a fan’s perspective, there are some places that I always wanted to visit apart from Kings Landing and Winterfell. Moreover, I always wanted to try Pigeon pies or have that good soup in Winterfell in the cold.  In this piece, we thought we’d take you on a tour to some of the most important locations of the show from around the world that you can actually visit except the Wall, which you can’t for obvious reasons.

So, pack up your bags for summer or winter with nothing but a camera, some clothes and money for food and be prepared to have the time of your life.

Holiday Destination

1. Northern Ireland

Any Game of Thrones fan who’s longing to visit where a lot of Westeros was filmed definitely needs to head to Northern Ireland. Filming for season seven and eight saw more action return to Belfast, the show’s production base, with a lot of the interior shots being conjured up in the city’s Titanic Studios. Even though most of the outdoor locations are not easily accessible, you can pay for a guided tour to take you to places like the famous Dark Hedges (used to depict the King’s Road), Castle Ward in County Down (parts of Winterfell), County Antrim’s Murlough Bay (the Iron Isles), and Magheramorne Quarry (Castle Black). You can also visit the picturesque Downhill Strand, a stretch of beautiful beach that’s overlooked by Mussenden Temple, which served as a location frequently visited by Stannis Baratheon and the priestess Melisandre in previous seasons.

2. Iceland

When you think Iceland, the North comes to mind. This is where lie the areas beyond the Wall, the massive defensive fortification along Westeros’s northern border. It is home to Wildlings and White Walkers. You can pretend to be a member of the Night’s Watch trudging along this treacherous land – all you have to do is book a flight to Iceland. Scenes in previous seasons were filmed at the massive Myrdalsjokull and Vatnajökull glaciers, the eerie lava formations at Dimmuborgir, and the renowned Lake Myvatn. You’ll also recognize Thingvellir National Park as the site of the path leading up to the Bloody Gate (where The Hound takes Arya Stark). Although they may be hard to recognize from the show, it’s best to visit in the summer when most of them are not covered in snow.

3. Croatia

The capital of Westeros and home to the Iron Throne is in King’s Landing, a city filled with danger and duplicity. In reality, however, King’s Landing has been in two destinations. The first season King’s Landing was in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. From season two till season five, King’s landing was in the port city of Dubrovnik, Croatia which is another famous tourist destination. Season two’s legendary Battle of Blackwater was also filmed in the port city’s bay. You can easily catch a guided tour to see and learn more about these locations.

4. Morocco

Well, you can probably guess that we have crossed the narrow sea in this one. You can visit where Daenerys and her army marched to retake Westeros and her journey to Slaver’s bay where she won dramatically. The ancient fortified city of Aït Benhaddou stood in for Yunkai, the Yellow City and the Western city of Essaouira representing Astapor, Home of the Unsullied. Both are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are definitely worth seeing.

5. Spain

Personally, Dragon Stone is one of my favorite places in the whole of Westeros. If you ever want to visit this breath-takind destination in real-life, you have to climb a steep twisting staircase at Spain’s San Juan de Gaztelugatxe have to take in order to make it to the peak of the islet, located in Spain’s Basque Country. “Game of Thrones” filmed at the location last fall, for a pivotal scene that capped Sunday night’s Season 7 premiere. During a recent visit to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, locals excitedly told tourists of how “Game of Thrones” had recently filmed at the landmark. But even they weren’t clear of how it would play a part on the show or when it would first appear. That mystery was solved on Sunday night, when the unmistakable staircase popped up toward the end of the episode.